X5 Match Oval Net & X5 Double Net Bag - Advanta Thursday

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X5 Match Oval Net & X5 Double Net Bag - Advanta Thursday

Advanta X5 Match Oval Landing Net 

No matter what kind of angling you enjoy, it is vital to be able to get your fish out of the water and onto the bank. In match fishing, this is even more important, as each and every fish is going to make a difference to the outcome of your session. This is why the Advanta team has worked hard to ensure that its match fishing nets allow you to land every fish you catch – ensuring that you can maximise the weight in your keepnet at the end of the day to increase your chance of coming out on top. This X5 Match Oval Net is a bankside essential for the avid match angler and it has been designed to give you maximum fish-landing ability.

The net is available in two sizes. The smaller ‘medium’ sized net is ideal for your average match fishing needs. Whether you’re landing bonus skimmers, silver fish, or a host of other coarse species, this net will ensure that you can get them out of the water, unhooked, and into your keepnet with ease. The bigger ‘large’ sized net has been designed with the landing of carp and other larger match fish in mind. If you’re someone who likes to keep your pole in the margins for those big double figure carp when match fishing, then this is the ideal landing net for you. With these two options available, you can ensure that you’re landing fish in the appropriate sized net. This way, you never need to worry that you’re injuring larger commercial carp by trying to land them with a too-small net, as well as ensuring that you’re not dwarfing smaller fish in a net that drowns them!

One of the best features of this net is its unique touch-responsive glowing frame. This has been purpose designed for angling in the dark and it is ideal for use when your fishing match begins in the early hours or ends late into the night. Netting fish in the dark can be nothing short of a nightmare – especially when you’re using a dark net such as this in order to keep your fish calm. With its touch-responsive glowing frame, you can ensure that you land your fish in one – preventing any stress for both the fish and yourself!

The mesh of the Advanta X5 Match Oval Net meets all current fish care standards. Fine and soft, it has been designed to perfectly support your fish and to prevent the removal of the fish’s protective mucus layer or any damage to the scales or fins of your catch. This helps to ensure that you’re able to return the fish in the exact same condition that you removed it, allowing your fish to grow and thrive. The spreader block on the net is extremely heavy duty and it has been designed to perfectly support the weight of your fish as you lift it form the water. It has been fitted with a universal thread. This allows you to attach it to any landing net pole or bankstick, allowing you to modify your landing net needs. For example, if you’re landing fish from a long pole then you might want to attach this net to a longer handle – reducing the distance that you have to play the fish in towards you prior to landing. Conversely, if you’re fishing close into the margins then a shorter bankstick might afford you greater control over your catch and allow you to net with confidence. Both nets are ideal for use across the match fishing discipline and they join a growing range of match fishing tackle in the X5 range from Advanta.


Advanta X5 Double Net Bag

Match fishing is angling pared down as much as possible.  You want to ensure you have the maximum kit with you on the peg, while ensuring it takes up the minimum amount of space.  This double net bag from Advanta’s X5 match angling range ticks the boxes of high performance opportunity and low footprint, allowing you to easily carry transport two nets – a landing net and keepnet, perhaps, or two keep nets – to your peg, while the reinforced, waterproof base of bag allows you to set it down on the bank or fishing platform beside you, making it easy to pull out a second net as soon as you need it, and saving you time when you’re packing up at the end of your session.

Brought to you by popular fishing retailer Angling Direct, Advanta is a brand with an immediate visual appeal to young or novice anglers, yet packing the kind of punch a more experienced angler would expect and demand. Advanta began life in 2011, launching with a dedicated range for carp anglers. With a consistent focus to improving that initial range, and adding further products and additional ranges for anglers of all disciplines, the Advanta brand has been going from strength to strength, and gaining a reputation for providing stylish, affordable quality.

Manufactured from hardwearing 660D polyester, with a reinforced, waterproof base, this large capacity double net bag features double zips, giving you quick, easy access whilst ensuring your nets remain completely protected at all times, and strong, durable carry handles, which offer the flexibility of carrying your net bag to and from your peg if the ground looks a bit heavy-going to get a barrow there quickly. Presented in Advanta’s classic, striking black and red branding, the X5 double net bag will ensure you perform well, and look good, no matter which peg you draw.

Having sufficient keepnet space readily accessible is vitally important during a match fishing tournament, as you don’t want to risk losing vital fishing seconds setting up another keepnet to ensure that all the fish you catch during the session are recorded at the final weigh in, and can be returned to the water in the best, and healthiest, condition possible.  With the Advanta X5 Double Net Bag, you can easily take two keepnets down to your peg, which should more than see you through the average session, and give you the best chance of walking away with a smile on your face.

The Advanta X5 Double Net Bag can house your Match Oval Landing Net and you keepnet for your match, transporting everything home without stinking out the car!

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