Daiwa Cast'izm 25 QDA Reel

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Key Features

  • New groundbreaking spool profile
  • Compact body
  • Mag Sealed
  • QD Quick Drag
  • Twistbuster
  • HIP High Impact Protection line clip

Do you want NASA-quality technology in a saltwater reel? Did you know it was even something you could have? The Mag Seal technology on the Daiwa Cast’izm 25 QDA big pit reel was originally developed to provide a completely leak-proof seal, allowing liquids to be safely and securely transported in outer space.  Daiwa uses Mag Seal to keep salt particles, sand, and other sea fishing related grit and grime out of the rotational parts of the Cast’izm, ensuring smooth performance for years to come, and protecting your reel from the damage lesser brands will inevitably succumb to in the saltwater arena.

While appropriating technology from NASA may come across as a little bit showy and unnecessary, Daiwa’s creation of a high performance, compact big pit reel is neither of those, but rather a triumph of understated functionality that looks set to revolutionise the world of big game angling – something Daiwa is getting rather good at doing. The design breakthrough of the Cast’izm resolves a long running issue with big pit reels: they are typically heavy, bulky, and not suited to the casual, pack-a-basic-bag-and-head-out attitude of many surf casters. With this Daiwa reel, nothing’s weighing you down, or getting in the way of a fun and spontaneous fishing session.

With its shorter spool and lighter, more compact body, the Cast’izm reel still manages to pack the powerful, quality features punch anglers expect from the Daiwa name.  The Quick Drag function allows you to quickly engage reel fight mode with just the slightest shift of the front-mounted drag dial, while those who like fishing with monofilament or braided line will appreciate Daiwa’s TwistBuster technology, which keeps thin, fine lines free and clear no matter how energetic or long-distance your casts might be. With TwistBuster, you can use your preferred line comfortably, and with complete confidence, while the High Impact Protection line clip helps you cast accurately each and every time, minimising damage to your line from over-heavy casting.

A strong, good-looking reel, the compact yet powerful Cast’izm is a revolution in reel design, packing all of the Daiwa performance anglers need and expect into a reel that’s light, durable, and perfect for a range of fishing styles and waters. If you’re looking for performance and portability, quality design and durability, look no further than the Daiwa Cast’izm 25 QDA Reel. Designed to withstand the corrosive nature of saltwater elements, packing a big pit punch in a pond-weight package, this is the reel for everyone, whatever your angling ambitions or level of experience.

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