Daiwa 7HT Mag Super Tuned Reel

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Key Features

  • Improved Magnofuge
  • Intelligent magnetic braking
  • Ultra precision machined spool
  • 9 bearings including 8 CRBBs
  • Infinite Anti-Reverse
  • Rigid one-piece dura-aluminium frame
  • Carbon swept handle
  • Daiwa five-point support system
  • Low-frame crossbars
  • High grade brass drive gear
  • Stainless steel pinion gear
  • Smooth and powerful star drag

Daiwa Millionaire 7HT Mag Super Tuned Reel

The Daiwa Millionaire 7HT Mag Super Tuned Reel is a multiplier that is in a class of its own. Fitted with a multitude of Daiwa’s most cutting edge technologies, this reel is for the sea fishing fanatic who wants to cast unbelievable distances with total control.

The biggest selling point of this reel is its updated Magnofluge braking system. Magnofluge has featured on a number of Daiwa multiplier reels but it has never before been fine-tuned to these levels of precision. Magnofluge is an intelligent braking system that reacts to your cast as it happens. By allowing your line to sustain maximum speed whilst also keeping full control, your cast will stretch out to distances that you’ll hardly be able to believe. Even in a strong heading wind you’ll easily be able to out-cast your companions on the shore, enabling you to catch those otherwise unreachable fish.

However, Magnofluge isn’t the only aspect of this reel that has been super tuned. The spool has been machined with ultra-precision technology, improving the balance of the spool so it operates to its highest ability. With Daiwa’s patented five-point support system and low-frame crossbars, this reel is ultra-balanced and ultra-strong and will sit perfectly on any high quality surf casting rod setup. There are no fewer than nine ball bearings at work within this reel, eight of which are specialised corrosion resistant ball bearings. This ensures that the reel is the ultimate smooth performer, whilst also extending the lifespan of the reel. Corrosion is one of the biggest problems faced by saltwater tackle and these corrosion resistant ball bearings have been especially designed to contend with the harshest wear and tear.

Not only is the cast on the Millionaire 7HT Mag ST incredibly impressive but the retrieve is equally staggering. The cluctch can be adjusted to the minutest of increments, allowing you to clear through any angs with ease. The reel itself is incredibly light and comes in at 11 ½oz (approximately 325g). This is thanks to the duralumin construction of the reel body and the ultra lightweight aluminium frame and carbon swept handle.

For the owner of the Millionaire 7HT Mag ST the only thing you have to focus on is finding those fish, the reel takes care of the rest.

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