Daiwa Nylon Hip Waders

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Key Features

  • Lightweight and functional
  • Fitted to a PVC boot with cleated sole
  • Available in sizes: 6 to 12
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Ideally suited to shallower waters and shorter sessions, these Daiwa Hip Waders are the perfect choice if you're looking for something light, comfortable, and waterproof that you can pull on quickly when you need to.

Fitted to a durable PVC boot with a cleated sole, these hip-length waders are ideal for a range of bankside terrain, from grass to gravel, and everything in between. Available in a range of sizes to suit almost any angler, these waders are simple, practical, and easy to pack in a rucksack or small carryall, making them a good choice for the stalking angler.

No less durable than their chest wader counterparts, hip waders are a good choice if you know you're not going to be taking on deep water, and want to travel a little bit lighter. They also tend to be a little more breathable than chest waders, which allows you to keep them on throughout your session, if you prefer that to putting them on just when you need them.

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