Daiwa Sealine SLOSH Multiplier Reels

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Key Features

  • Smooth operation and superior winding power
  • Five-point support frame
  • Lightweight, but extra strong anodised aluminium spool
  • Multi-washer super-smooth drag system
  • Counter balanced handle adjustable for increased leverage
  • Rod clamp supplied
  • Ratio: 6.1:1
  • Ball bearings: 4
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SL20SH Daiwa Sea Line Slosh Multiplier, Size: 20
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SL30SH Daiwa Sealine Slosh Multiplier, Size: 30
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If you’re into your sea fishing then we would be very surprised if you hadn’t heard of these two reels. Having developed not only a cult following but also a nickname, the SL20SH and Daiwa SL30SH ‘SLOSH’ multipliers from Daiwa are every shore and surf angler’s dream reel. They are the reel of choice for the most dedicated sea angler who is out on the shore week after week, season after season. This is because the Daiwa Sealine SLOSH Multipliers are workhorses that don’t take no for an answer, ensuring that they can offer the kind of durability that you’ll require as a committed sea angler. One of the features of the Sealine SLOSH Multipliers which ensures this strength and durability is the five-point support frame on which the reel is built. This not only ensures that the reel is able to offer its incredible strength but it also ensures that it remains completely rigid on your rod. Rigidity is one of the most important elements of reel design and much of the technological advances in reels over recent years. This is because a rigid reel is vital when you’re tackling particularly hard fighting fish as it ensures that all the power you put into the handle gets transferred into the gearing, rather than being lost in unnecessary lateral movement. As a further performance feature, the handle of the Sealine SLOSH reels is counterbalanced, too, which is adjustable to allow for increased leverage when it really counts.

In order to help you to pull huge fish in over rough grounds, or even thick kelp beds, this reel boasts a ratio of 6.1:1. This ensures that you can pull in an impressive amount of line with each handle turn, giving you the ability to tackle all shore fishing scenarios. This high powered winding strength also means that the Daiwa Sealine SLOSH Multipliers are ideal for a range of boat work, too. Whether you’re an angler who enjoyed uptide fishing for powerful rays or you prefer to stand on dry land to cast out beyond the surf, these reels are ideal for your needs. In order to ensure that these reels offer the kind of heavy-duty performance that you’ll have grown to demand from the Daiwa brand, the Daiwa Sealine SLOSH Multipliers have been fitted with four ball bearings. These reduce the friction within the reel, preventing the premature wear and tear of the reel. This is important in freshwater reels and vital in saltwater reels such as these. Saltwater is one of the most corrosive natural materials out there. This is because as the water dries, it leaves behind coarse salt particles. These are extremely abrasive and will corrode the delicate internal gearing of the reel. A combination of top-quality ball bearings and proper reel care (including rinsing your reels after use and ensuring they are properly oiled) ensures that your sea fishing reels can last as long as you do.

The four-ball bearings at work in the Daiwa Sl20sh Multipliers also ensure that these reels are exceptionally smooth performing. The multi-washer drag system ensures that you can enjoy full control when you’re bringing in a hard fighting fish and the centrifugal braking provides you with complete control over the cast. If you’re looking for a smooth, fast, and strong sea fishing reel then you can’t go wrong with the SL20SH and SL30SH Sealine SLOSH Multiplier Reels from Daiwa.

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