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Daiwa Shorecast B Reel

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Key Features

  • Air Rotor
  • Twist Buster II
  • 1 BB
  • Crosswrap
  • Aluminium Spool
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Model Item name
SC5000B Size: 5000B
SC6000B Size: 6000B

Tell Me About It

The Daiwa Shorecast B Reel is designed for anglers who need a long distance cast from the shore, or long range specialist anglers casting out over greater distances on freshwater.

One of the frustrations of long range casting is the likelihood of  your line twisting over itself; with TwistBuster II technology, the Shorecast B series ensures that your line goes out smoothly, and lays perfectly flat, giving you superior bait presentation, and a smooth draw through even surging surf water.

The aluminium spool offers complete protection against salt spray corrosion, while the addition of a ball bearing ensures a smooth cast and return every time, and the flexibility to play larger fish fully and safely.

What Discipline Is It For?

Primarily designed for sea fishing, the long range casting abilities of the Shorecast reel also offers potential for specialist anglers who are experienced in distance casting, and want a reel that can match their performance.

Why Should I Buy It?

If you’re a sea angler, then being able to cast out to deeper water from the beach offers you a greater range of beaches you can fish from, as you’re not relying on a steep beach, or being able to fish from a pier, to get your bait out to the waters that hold bigger fish.  This is particularly important if your main aim in sea fishing is to catch your dinner – smaller fish typically fall under the UK size limit, and have to be released. And if you’re looking for a saltwater challenge, you’re unlikely to find it in the breakers.

Long range casting is a 50/50 split between your own skill, and the quality of your kit; if you’ve got the wrong reel, it doesn’t matter how smooth your cast is, or how far your hook should go out – your reel is going to hold you back.

With the Daiwa Shorecast B, you can get your bait right out where it belongs, among the larger saltwater fish, that will give you some good sport as you bring them in.  If you’re combining distance casting with the easy access to deeper water that a pier that’s open for fishing affords, make sure you’re actually permitted to make long distance casts from the pier; Southwold pier, in Suffolk, for example, prohibits pendulum casting, and other piers may well have their own restrictions.

But, if you’re casting from the shore, the only thing stopping you is your own ability, and the quality of your reel; if you’ve invested in the Daiwa Shorecast, it’s all down to you, and whether you’re as good as you think you are!

What’s The Best Thing About It?

The last thing you want on a cast that looks certain to take your rig out all the way is a twisted line.  Not only does it increase the likelihood that you’ll lose your gear, but a bundled line lay is obvious to fish, especially the wary wildies that you find the sea. You want a smooth, flat presentation that offers minimal surface disruption. The TwistBuster II technology on the Daiwa Shorecast B Reel ensures you get that, and sets this reel out as an affordable long range option.

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