Daiwa Team Daiwa Tackle Trolley

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Key Features

  • Easy to collapse down for storage and transport
  • Extendable side and front holders
  • Fully adjustable
  • Detachable wheels
  • Solid foam tyres

You’ve found a perfect new swim, on a quiet, sheltered river.  It doesn’t look as though anyone else has fished here, and the signs are good that there are some quality fish to be had.

The problem? The nearest spot you could park your car is at least a mile away.  You’re going to need a decent tackle trolley, but you’d be lucky if you could fit a large house cat comfortably in the boot of your car.

What do you do? Blow your paycheque on a new car with decent boot space?  Maybe – although happy hours spent angling don’t often pay the bills for most of us.  Give up on the idea of fishing that swim? No way!  Struggle to the swim with your tackle and equipment weighing you down, then stagger back with it all at the end of the session? That’s going to kill your enthusiasm quicker than blanking on a dead cert while the rain’s hammering down.

Buy the Daiwa Team Daiwa Tackle Trolley, which collapses down to an enviably small size for storage and transportation, and features detachable wheels to give you a completely flat package that will fit in any car boot (or at the very least, on the back seat)?  Now, that’s a carpy answer; go with that, get your trolley in your car, and your gear down to that promising new swim, and have yourself a decent, and hopefully rewarding, session.

With the power and focus of a major brand such as Daiwa, carp angling doesn’t really have problems – just new challenges, and a wealth of ways to tackle them.

This fully adjustable tackle trolley features extendable side and front load holders, and comes with solid foam tyres in detachable wheels – perfect for getting the trolley in the car, and making a quiet approach.

The perfect size to safely cradle your seat box (which can be transported loaded, to save space), and spring loaded for quick, easy fold-down and pop-up when you need to get moving, this little trolley is ideal for the mobile angler who likes exploring new possibilities, and wants the flexibility of keeping a basic kit in the car at all times, so that it’s there when a promising swim is glimpsed from the road.

Daiwa is a brand with a solid history of excellent design and performance, that is well on the way to becoming the UK’s go-to name for custom fishing tackle and equipment, With many Daiwa products designed and built in the UK, and all of the featuring Japanese excellence in technology and performance, Daiwa offer everything the complete angler needs to make the most of today’s waters.

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