Daiwa Tournament Pro Feeder Rods

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Key Features

  • Super high grade MSG carbon
  • High tensile, super light blank
  • Versatile blank compression tolerance
  • Bias carbon V-Joint
  • Unique Tournament reel seat
  • Ultralight Titanium Fuji SiC guides
  • Armlock cork handle
  • Includes 2 tips (Medium &Fine)
  • Supplied in a plastic tube

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TNPF9Q-AU Daiwa Tournament Pro Feeder, Length: 9FT
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TNPF10Q-AU Length: 10ft
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TNPF11Q-AU Length: 11ft
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TNPF1011Q-AU Length: 10ft-11ft
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TNPF1213Q-AU Length: 12ft-13ft
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Daiwa Tournament Pro Match & Leger - Feeder Rods

Daiwa Sports are the world’s biggest specialist in coarse, carp, sea and game fishing products and they have crafted their expertise with their experience to provide anglers across the nation with the most high quality and reliable fishing equipment on the market. Their products are manufactured to the highest UK standards so when you use their gear, you can be confident that it’s the right choice for you. Having their largest factory in Wishaw, Scotland, leads to Daiwa’s products having a distinctly British feel, which is familiar and comforting for those anglers who are also British. These rods are no different to the superiority of their other products, and are the latest edition in an excellent collection of rods.

These feeder rods are top notch in regards to versatility. They have immense power whilst remaining highly resistant to torque, so the amount of power won’t affect your control of the rod in anyway. Additionally, this allows you to cast precisely at all distances whilst still offering outstanding forgiveness at any given time. Thanks to its amazing accuracy, it will greatly reduce your chances of losing hook hold and maximise your chance of throwing a perfectly smooth, accurate cast in order for you to reel in those bites.

The key material used to manufacture these rods is super high grade MSG carbon. Using this makes the rods exceedingly strong and sturdy making it possible for you to reel in heavier carp, and especially capable of enduring the high power that this rod can provide. The versatile blank of this rod is super light, reducing the overall weight of the rod and maximising the power it can provide you with. These feeder rods have a high tensile strength; they are capable of being put under a huge amount of stress or pressure before they break, making them unbeatable for reliability and compression tolerance, particularly if you use your rods on the regular.

With the unique Tournament reel seat that comes along with a rod from this series, you can quickly and easily attach your own reel and you’ll be banking the big fish in no time. Not only that, it the rods have other unique features such as the bias carbon V-joint and armlock cork handle which will make your use of the rod just that much of a simpler experience thanks to Daiwa’s innovative designs. The bias carbon V-joint offers the rod more flexibility and action, yet it doesn’t compromise power or accuracy. With the option to choose between two tips, medium or fine, you can tinker with this rod until it’s perfect for you, although it’s doubtful it isn’t already as it is one of the best quiver and feeder rods available on the market.

To prevent your line from ever receiving unnecessary and easily avoided damage, the Tournament Pros all include Ultralight Titanium Sic guides from Fuji. This will elevate your line away from the rod, preventing any chance of friction and reducing the chance of your line fraying, breaking or snapping, as well as ensuring that you can cast with impressive accuracy.

All the different sizes of the feeder rods are easily adaptable. They all have the ability to extend 1ft without even changing your set up, making it incredibly simple to adjust your rod to however you want it. With the 10ft-11ft and 12ft-13ft rods, you can move fluidly between the two lengths mid match with no difficulties or complications; this will truly transform how you fish as it’s so easy to tailor it to your preference. The 9ft rod is exceptionally good for spodding, the 10ft-11ft is excellent at close distance fishing and the 12ft-13ft is a sublime mid-powered rod with the capability of handling heavy lines as well as loaded feeders.

Supplied in a plastic tube, these rods are ideal for pin point casting and amazing control.

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