Deeper Flexible Arm

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Key Features

  • Arm Tube Length: 20in (50cm)
  • Arm Tube Diameter: 0.06in (0.14cm)
  • Screw: 1/4 20in (quarter twenty) male
  • Clamp Diameter: 0.2in (0.5cm) 2.4in (6cm)
  • Clamp Length: 8.7in (22cm)
  • Flexible Arm Length: 28.7in (72cm)
  • Aluminium pipingstainless steel locking system
  • Colour: Black &Metal

Tell Me About It

Ideal for small boats and kayaks, the Deeper Flexible Arm allows you to turn your smartphone or tablet into the ultimate, high-capacity echo sounder system, that can easily be taken out wherever you fish to help you up your angling game, and save time that can be better spent fishing.

Designed to clamp to items from 0.2” up to 2.4”, and offering a secure grip whilst still being easy to move around to get the best results, the Flexible Arm from Deeper clamps to both metal and plastic watercraft surfaces, and is functional in all water types and weather conditions, and gives you faster feedback than a sonar fished on a line.

A durable, practical product that offers versatile enhancement to any angling, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to buy the Deeper Flexible Arm.

What Discipline Is It For?

Ideal for a range of fishing, including carp  and predator angling, the Deeper Flexible Arm offers an improved, seamless angling experience to anyone who likes to take their fishing off the bank and into the water.

Whatever fish you're looking for, the Flexible Arm will ensure you can easily find them, whatever the water conditions.

Why Should I Buy It?

Rather than having to learn how to work a new fish finder, the Deeper Flexible Arm gives you the ability to use technology you’re already familiar with – the same tablet or smartphone you use every day – as an effective echo sounder, whilst keeping your hands free to focus on manoeuvring your boat or kayak, preparing bait, tying rigs, or any other essential fishing task.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

The easy flexibility of the Deeper Flexible Arm makes this an obvious choice for the angler looking to up their game without falling down a tech rabbit hole.

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