Drennan Coolbag

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Key Features

  • Insulated main compartment
  • Wipe clean foil lining
  • Ideal for use with bait and food items
  • Heavy-duty base
  • Fitted with durable zips
  • Luxury padded carry handle
  • Medium: 20L capacity, fits 4 x 2.2pt &3.3pt bait boxes, plus ice blocks
  • Large: 35L capacity, fits 2 x 2.2pt &6 x 3.3pt bait boxes, plus ice blocks
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Drennan Coolbag

Any angler who spends an extended period of time on the bank knows how difficult it is to keep your bait at the optimum temperature. Especially if you’re using freezer boilies or live baits, bait degradation can be a real problem. You want to use baits when they are at their very best in order to give you the best chances of making your next big catch and there is nothing worse than settling for substandard baits after spending two or three days on a swim. This is why Drennan has designed this coolbag, especially manufactured to hold large quantities of bait and ensuring that the bait your use on day four in your swim is every bit as effective as the bait you’re putting in on day one.

The Drennan Coolbag comes in two sizes. The medium capacity bag holds 20 litres of bait, or the equivalent of four 2.2 pint and one 3.3 pint bait boxes (plus ice bags). This is ideal for all your mid session carp fishing, when you want to create a decent bed of baits whilst also having the ability to feed little and often, too. The large capacity bag holds a whopping 35 litres. This is the equivalent of two 2.2 pint bait boxes, six 3.3 pint bait boxes, and additional ice blocks. This is a staggering amount of bait and it is an ideal bait bag to see you through a long summer session by the bank, when keeping bait cool is of the utmost importance.

As you might expect, both sizes of the Drennan Coolbag are fully insulated and foil lined. Foil is an excellent heat-trapping tool and, combined with the insulation in the bait bag, it ensures that heat cannot penetrate through the bag to warm up the bait. The insulation also traps the cold air in the bait bag itself, maintaining the low temperature of the bag even as your ice blocks thaw and slowing the warming process considerably. This is ideal for use in the height of summer, when even the shade is roasting and a cool breeze does nothing to take off the heat.

As you might expect from Drennan, this coolbag has been manufactured to the highest standards. With a reinforced base, you can be confident that you’re never at risk of overloading the bag and the bottom falling out – leaving you with a pile of bait and a useless bit of luggage. The zips on the Drennan Coolbag are equally durable and have been designed so you never find yourself wrestling for access to your bait. The carry handle of the bag has been padded, too. This ensures that transporting it to the bank when fully loaded is not only easy but comfortable too.

Although this Drennan Coolbag has been designed with bait in mind, Drennan understands that feeding yourself is every bit as important as feeding your quarry. This coolbag is also ideal for keeping your food and water cool on the bank, too, whether you’re heading down for a day session and the only items you’re looking to keep cool are your sandwich and beverage, or you’re going to the bank for a longer period of time and need to keep meat cool for cooking up a full English to prepare you for the day ahead.

The Drennan Coolbag comes in classic black and is finished with Drennan’s typical aqua blue colour. This ensures that it looks good on the bank, too. No matter what time of year you’re fishing, bait preservation is imperative to angling success and with this Drennan Coolbag you can ensure your bait is fish ready in all weathers.

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