Drennan F1 Dumbells

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Key Features

  • Dumbell-shaped boilies
  • 6mm size hook baits
  • Easy to drill
  • Easy to pin/spike with a boilie bayonet
  • Four highly visible colours
  • Four proven flavour combinations
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TBFD06TF Flavour: Tutti
TBFD06PP Flavour: Pineapple
TBFD06SS Flavour: Scopex
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TBFD06CK Flavour: Crab & Krill
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Drennan F1 Dumbells, Drennan Bandit F1 Dumbells have been created with the same winning colour and flavour combinations as our latest Method Boilies: white Scopex Syrup, pink Crab & Krill, yellow Pineapple Punch and orange Tutti Frutti. All Dumbells are effectively fished on the pole, waggler or feeder and are fractionally harder than Method Boilies to withstand the banding process. These handy tubs of 6mm sized Bandit F1 Dumbells are perfect for smaller carp, F1s, tench and bream.

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