Drennan Revolution Tangle Free Catapult

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Key Features

  • Super slick rotation bearings
  • Tangle-free
  • Designed for maximum accuracy
  • Super strong lightweight pouch
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TCRVS001 Model: Ultra Soft Elastic Caty
5 in stock
TCRVL003 Model: X Strong Elastic Caty
10+ in stock
TCRVS002 Model: Light Elastic Caty
5+ in stock
TCRVL002 Model: Strong Elastic Caty
5+ in stock
Drennan Revolution Tangle Free Catys, These new Revolution Tangle-Free Catapults from Drennan offer a fresh approach to the design of the pouch and frame, with super slick rotation bearings. Designed for loose feeding with maggots, casters, pellets, and all particle baits, they truly are a versatile. There are 4 different models in the range, each with a different colour coded frame: Ultra Soft Elastic Caty - Aqua frame, This small, lightweight pouch combined with the ultra soft elastic, is ideal for loose feeding pellet, maggot and small particle baits at short to medium pole range, up to approximately 13m. The ultra soft, stretchy characteristics of the long life synthetic elastic provide an unsurpassed level of accuracy which simply cannot be obtained with stronger, more powerful elastics. For efficient tangle free use, keep the super slick rotation bearings clean and free of dust and debris. Light Elastic Caty Red frame, The combination of a small, lightweight pouch and this light grade red elastic are perfect for pellet, maggot and a variety of particle baits. Designed for the highly effective 'little and often' loose feeding system, this catapult will accurately delivery bait at up to 16m plus and is ideal for the pole or light float fishing on a running line. For efficient tangle free use, keep the super slick rotation bearings clean and free of dust and debris. Strong Latex Caty Green frame, The tough lightweight pouch combined with strong green latex make this caty ideal for medium range loose feeding of pellet, maggot and all particle baits. Drennan Revolution Catys have a nice slim handle with thumb grips, plus with the new moulded pouch they have been designed to withstand heavy use. Extra-Strong Latex Caty - Orange frame The two lightest catapults in the range are designed for close range and optimum accuracy at 13m and 16m+ respectively. The two more powerful models are for medium to long range.

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