Drennan Rigidex Landing Net Handle 2.6m

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Key Features

  • Manufactured from high modulus carbon
  • Extra rigid
  • Standard screw fitting
  • Sufficiently strong to support large landing nets
  • Take apart design

Drennan Rigidex 2.6m Landing Net Handle

If you’ve got a favourite landing net that you’ve loved for years but the handle just isn’t up to scratch or you’re looking to build a net that meets you own specifications because existing nets on the market just don’t get the job done then you’ll love the Drennan Rigidex Landing Net Handle 2.6m. This landing net handle has been designed in conjunction with five time world champion Alan Scotthorne, who has trialled and tested it extensively throughout the design process to ensure that the final product meets his own exacting standards. This Drennan Rigidex Landing Net Handle 2.6m has been specifically designed for speed fishing on commercial carp waters, ideally for ‘scoop style’ netting, but it is also perfect for supporting large landing net heads in strong river currents when you’re attempting to land hard fighting barbel.

The Drennan Rigidex Landing Net Handle 2.6m is manufactured from high modulus carbon. Incredibly strong, this landing net handle promises zero flex under pressure – offering the kind of rigidity that most other net handles can only hope for. It features a machined brass screw fitting to prevent water from seeping into the top section of handle when it is fully submerged, too. As the name suggests, the Drennan Rigidex Landing Net Handle is 2.6 meters long – or a little over 8ft 5 inches in old money. This means that you are able to enjoy an incredible reach out into the water, which is especially ideal if you’re angling in high waters or trying to get a fish in through a snaggy or reed-addled bankside.

The Drennan Rigidex Landing Net Handle 2.6m is in a gloss black and is finished with classic Drennan graphics in the brands trademark turquoise blue. Perfect for a variety of commercial carp fishing uses, this handle will compliment any sturdy scoop net head.   

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