Drennan YumYum Pellets

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Key Features

  • Ideal for hooking directly
  • 6mms can also be hair-rigged with a Pushstop
  • Perfect for pole fishing
  • Can also be fished with rod and line tactics
  • Red and natural brown colours
  • Boosted with proven fish attractors
  • Ideal for carp, F1s, crucians, tench and bream
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TBYP04CK Size: 4mm, Flavour: Crab & Krill
TBYP06SE Size: 6mm, Flavour: Shellfish
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TBYP06CK Size: 6mm, Flavour: Crab & Krill
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TBYP04SE Size: 4mm, Flavour: Shellfish
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Drennan YumYum Pellets, Yum Yums have a slightly gelatinous texture, making them soft and spongy, yet durable enough to stay on the hook. They are ideal for pole fishing and can also be used with rod-and-line approaches. Both sizes are perfect for hooking directly, while the larger 6mms can also be carefully hair-rigged with a Pushstop. Yum Yums blend in nicely with standard coarse pellet feed and groundbait and have been enhanced with a special Shellfish Extract to give them extra pulling power. Ideal for carp, F1s, crucians, tench and bream.

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