Enterprise Tackle Popup Sweetcorn

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Key Features

  • The original buoyant corn!
  • Developed in 1999
  • Changed the face of modern carp fishing
  • Often copied but never bettered
  • Responsible for thousands of large carp
  • Landed record Carp, plus specimen Tench and Bream
  • Infused with special flavours
  • Soft enough to hair rig or hook directly
  • Use on there own or combine with real corn
  • Pop your baits up or counter balance them
  • Available in different colours and flavours
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ET13YUF Colour: Yellow Sweetcorn
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ET13O Orange Tutti
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X1045 Colour: White
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ET13R Red Strawberry
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X1046 Colour: White Pineapple
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X0233 Colour: Orange Tutti Frutti
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X1043 Colour: Red Strawberry
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This is the original pop up sweetcorn developed by Enterprise Tackle in 1999. This fake bait changed the face of modern-day carp fishing and started the imitation bait revolution.

This bait is responsible for the capture of thousands of large carp including a former British record, plus specimen tench, bream, crucians and roach. Impregnated with our special attractants, the imitation grains are soft enough for side hooking but are most effective when used on a hair rig, either alone or combined with real grains of corn.

Use the buoyancy to your advantage to create popped up or critically balanced hook baits, using a small shot if required to counterbalance the rig .

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