If you’re a committed carp angler then you’ll understand the importance of owning a top quality carp rod. Without a high performance rod, you’re going to be seriously restricted on the bank and unable to enjoy angling to your fullest potential. However, it can sometimes feel a little intimidating when you’re faced with a wall of rods in your local tackle shop – particularly when you look at some of the price tags! This is where Advanta has stepped in, providing you with value for money, high quality tackle, which performs on the bank when you need it. Established in 2011, when the Angling Direct team discovered a need to stock certain, affordable, core tackle items year-round, the brand has grown year on year and season on season in order to ensure that it can offer you top end tackle which doesn’t break the bank. The range of carp rods perfectly encapsulates the Advanta ethos and they ensure that you’re able to target a carp using a range of tactics.

All of the Advanta carp rods are built on high quality blanks, although you will find that the carbon content in the blank changes depending which type of rod you go for. The first option is a 24T carbon blank. This is a lightweight blank option which boasts an ultra-slim finish and will look great with your existing carp fishing setup. The second option is a 30T carbon blank. This is a slightly stiffer blank option which still offers a slender finish and staggering good looks. Both blank options have impressive power to diameter ratios and they ensure that you’re able to cast out to impressive distances with ease whilst also allowing you a unique fish playing ability. Whether you’re far out into your venue or you have a carp right under your rod tip, the Advanta carp rod range allows you to exercise control over even the most aggressive of species. Some of the rods in the range even boast an additional extra-tough carbon weave finish. This finish not only looks great and is a feature which you’d more readily expect on rods double or even triple the price but it is also give the rods fantastic additional strength – perfect for when you’re bringing in large double figure or even personal best carp. The rod blanks come in several different test curve options, too. These range from anything as light as 2.5lbs right the way up to 3.25lbs, allowing you to target fish on the full carp fishing spectrum. This ensures that you’re able to ensure that you’re always fishing with the perfect rod for your needs and the Advanta carp rod collection is versatile.

When it comes to carp fishing rods, the fixtures on the rods are just as important as the rod blank itself. This is why the Advanta team has worked hard to ensure that all the furnishings on the rod are produced to the same high standard as the rod itself, ensuring that you have the complete setup that you need to make the most out of every trip to the bank. The Advanta carp rods are all fitted with 18mm DPS reel seats. These have been precision engineered to ensure that your carp fishing reel is held in the perfect position throughout your time on the bank, so you can cast out and retrieve with the full confidence that you’re getting the very most out of your gear.

The guides on the Advanta carp rods are LTS in style and incredibly lightweight, to maintain the overall low-weight of the rod itself. These guides offer minimal abrasion resistance, too, to ensure that they are ideal whether you’re fishing with a braided mainline or a more traditional monofilament or fluorocarbon setup. The ringing pattern on the rods changes depending on the test curve that the carp fishing rod offers. For lower powered rods with smaller test curves, the rods have been fitted with a 40mm butt ring. This is ideal for all your mid-distance, intermediate, and short range work when accuracy is more important that the length of your cast. For the angler who wants to be able to cast further out into the water, the rods with a slightly larger test curve have been fitted with a 50mm butt ring. This reduces the amount of friction on your line, allowing it to fly along the rings of your rod with increased speed and ensuring that you can hit out to huge distances. In both cases, the guides are robust and can cope under the strain of a big or hard fighting fish.

All of the carp fishing rods in the range have been fitted with neat little extras, many of which you’d usually expect to see on rods of double the price. This include line clips, which are completely line friendly and designed to allow you to fish with accuracy throughout your time on the bank. All of the rods have been finished with laser etched butt caps, too, giving the rods a high quality and bespoke finish.

As well as traditional 12ft carp rods, the Advanta range also contains ‘lite’ options. These are 10ft rods which have been purpose designed to offer you the same high performance power as the 12ft rods but this time with that little bit more control. This makes these rods perfect for all those smaller and more intimate venues, as well as those venues when to-the-millimetre accuracy is the name of the game. Finally, you’ll also find a comprehensive range of spod and marker rods in the Advanta carp fishing range, too. Useful for all manner of carp fishing scenarios but especially useful for those longer distance scenarios, spod and marker rods offer greater power than traditional carp rods and are designed for punching out rockets of bait or marker floats over huge distances. The Advanta team understands how important it is to be able to fish with accuracy over a longer distance, as well as how necessary it is for you to be able to distribute freebie baits directly over your presented rig and the Advanta spod and marker rods ensure that you’re able to fish with the kind of accuracy that you demand.

What’s more, Advanta and Angling Direct have collected together some of the brands impressive carp rods to create top end combination packs. This is because the brand knows that the majority of anglers fish with a three rod setup when carp fishing. As such, the combination packs contain a trio of carp rods (with your choice of test curve) as well as a couple of Angling Direct goodies thrown in, too. This is ideal for the novice carp angler who wants to be confident in their setup from the off, as well as for the dedicated angler who wants to revamp their setup. 

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