Angling Technics Bait Boats

Established in 1992, Angling Technics began life with the drive to design and built a specialist bait boat. Today, it’s the first name that springs to mind for many anglers when bait boats are mentioned, and has experienced resounding success amongst specialist anglers around the world. Its reputation has been founded on its ethos of innovation and reliability, and Angling Technics prides itself on its superb attention to detail.

Angling Technics believes that its bait boats produce real effects on the bank, and help you catch more. Some of the finest anglers of our time put their names to Angling Technics collection of bait boats, including Max Cotis, Terry Hearn, Nige Williams, and Derek ‘The Don’ Richie. With names like these experiencing tangible success after using Angling Technics products, you can be assured of their effectiveness in the water.

Originally just producing the Baitboat, today Angling Technics produce a plethora of technological angling aids. Along with the standard Baitboat, Angling Technics also produces variations on its Mircrocat boat, as well as the Procat and the Technicat. The selection of technological angling innovation doesn’t end there, though, and also includes an Echo Sounder and a GPS system, as well as a choice of accessories.

All the boats are produced in two halves, making them incredibly easy to open up if there happens to be any technological error. Both halves are made with high impact acrylic capped high gloss ABS plastics, which is much more hard wearing and scratch resistant than traditional ABS plastic. All the boats contain ‘no maintenance’ motors, and have precision steering – meaning the boats can turn completely within their own length. All the boats are rudderless too, so you never have to worry about it getting tangled up in weed or long grass. All the electronics in the boat are either in a sealed waterproof or resin sealed box, so there is no chance of them being exposed to the water and causing damage to the boat.

Navigation LEDs indicate whether the boat is out of range, and switch off completely when the door release is operated. The door release system is totally unique to Angling Technics and uses materials developed by the US Navy. The different boats each offer their own specialism, including the number of hoppers contained. This means you can pick the boat best suited to your needs – whether you like to drop offerings around multiple rigs or just the one. As such, the range of Angling Technics bait boats can transform your bait distribution tactics and revolutionise your fishing. The Angling Technics website and brochure features information regarding the benefits of each type, as well as providing tips to get the most out of your chosen bait boat. It goes without saying that all the boats have outstanding battery life.

Angling Technic’s Echo Sound is compatible with many of its bait boats, and provides detailed underwater mapping. Not only does it differentiate between sand. gravel, and weed, but it also displays the water depth. It also registers ‘non-bottom contact’, a key indicator that there is a fish interrupting the sonar. It can register as deep as 12m, and has over 200m of range on the surface, so it can more than match your average casting distance. The GPS navigation system replaces the need for physical marker buoys with an electronic version.

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