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The day its very first product was released, Kryston embarked on a cycle of innovation and success. Established in 1988, Kryston broke new ground with its ‘Multi Strand’ hooklength. This hooklength was a world first, thanks to its exceptionally high strength, and it was a milestone in angling technology. Produced entirely from the worlds strongest fibre, Spectra, this product was a catalyst for the industry and has paved the way for tackle companies ever since.

Kryston firmly believes that using its products can make the difference between a successful angling trip and a disappointing one. This is a belief that is echoed by the tens of thousands of anglers in the worldwide carp fishing community who use Kryston products each day they spend at the water’s edge. This trust is well founded, as Kryston hooklengths have broken more national and international records than any other. The Snakebite, Super Mantis, and Quick-silver Gold hooklengths have broken carp world records an unbelievable ten times – a feat unmatched by any other brand in the business. This is made more impressive by the fact that these three hooklengths use Kryston’s patented ‘anti-tangle’ technology. Kryston hooklengths can really be considered world class, and the British, European, and World Carp Championships have all been won over the years using Kryston hooklengths.

This incredible track record has ensured that Kryston products are endorsed by a number of the countries top anglers. From stalwarts like Terry Dempsey and Adam Penning to young blood Harry Law, Kryston is a brand that is loved through the generations. These are anglers who are committed to only using the very best products and won’t accept second place – Kryston delivers quality every time.

Innovation has been the word by which the company sets its stall, and Kryston has been the market leader since day one. Committed to using the latest technologies, techniques, and materials, Kryston ensures they remain at the cutting edge of hooklength manufacture. All this is even more impressive when you consider the fact that the entirety of the Kryston hooklength range is designed, produced, and manufactured in the UK. Unlike other tackle companies who have sacrificed quality to outsource their manufacture to Far Eastern factories, over which they have no control, Kryston has ensured that all its products are produced under its own watchful eye. All Kryston products proudly boast they have been ‘made in the UK’, and this is one of the aspects that Kryston is most proud of, and truly believes sets it apart from the rest.

Kryston is committed to developing products that more than exceed the expectations of anglers. Understanding that fish grow each year, and that anglers want to target the largest fish, Kryston is constantly looking for new ways to keep their fishing line more abrasion resistant and more durable, so its line won’t let you down when you’re tackling the real monsters. With its own world records to beat, you can be sure that Kryston hooklengths are going to improve season on season, year on year. If you’re looking for a world class hooklength that more than does the job in the water, you need look no further than Kryston.

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