Originally established in 1910 as a fertilizer company, Marukyu has been producing fishing bait for almost half a century. The brand prides itself on its ethos of science working with nature. Not only it is the most ecologically conscious of all of the major bait production companies, but it also produces all its baits with the assistance of research students from the University of Tokyo. In fact, it is widely regarded as the most technologically advanced bait production company in the world. Its Japanese factory is almost entirely mechanized, minimizing the risk of bait contamination by human hands.

With over a dozen full time research scientist on the team, as well as additional researchers from the University, the company dedicates its time to much more than simply bait development. One of the company’s major research areas is fish behavioral studies. Marukyu believes that by truly understanding fish and the environments they live in, it will be able to produce a higher class of bait that not only entices fish but also rewards them nutritionally. What benefits the fish, in turn benefits the angler.

As a result of this research, it is able to produce uniquely attuned baits, in which every ingredient it made to count. This means that these baits can be developed to suit specific fish, such as carp, or blended to make a more general match or specialist bait. Even the size of individual grains is carefully controlled in its state of the art manufacturing facility in order to create the perfect bait that with entice fish. Whether you prefer to fish on rivers, lakes, or oceans, Marukyu is determined that it will have the perfect bait for you.

Not only this, but Marukyu is unique in its mission to manufacture bait that is 100% environmentally friendly. This drive means that all of the ingredients used in its baits are not only fully sustainable but are also completely natural – completely avoiding the use of industrial chemicals and other contaminants in the bait production process. The company is keenly concerned about the environmental impact the company has, as well as the wider environmental impact of angling world wide, and does everything in its power to combat this impact. Marukyu believes that fishing can be uniquely beneficial to the environment, if done responsibly, and it wants to foster that attitude rather than diminish it – enhancing the angler’s connection with nature further. The global brand website gives the full details of its environmental policy.

Marukyu has grown exponentially since the company first started producing bait in 1967, and its Japanese factory is the largest bait production unit in the Far East. Supplying bait around the world, it has recently invested heavily in a brand new state of the art manufacturing unit in the UK. This move has already allowed the company to be keenly in tune with the demands of UK and European anglers, and the products it has released so far show huge development in this area.       

The Marukyu global website also features a gold mine of information for beginners, and features tutorials across the disciplines. This information could also be especially useful if you are planning a trip to Japan, as it gives information about the local fish as well as classics, such as the crucian carp.

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