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Masterline began trading in 1970 under the name of Anglers Masterline Limited. The company was formed by Philip Tallents and Terry Collingbourne after they noticed a gap in the market for high-quality fly fishing lines – a sport they were both passionate about. They ran the business for many years out of a converted dairy farm factory in Gloucestershire. The brand soon developed worldwide fame, and extended its range to include all branches of the sport.

In 2001 the company acquired J W Young Fishing and took over the production of its iconic reels. Many of these reels are still produced in the Tewkesbury dairy farm where the business began.

Shorty after this, the company merged with Australian brand Jarvis Walker, a company with a 70 year history which has established it as figurehead of Australian fishing. Jarvis Walker is currently the leading fishing tackle company in Australia.

This partnership has created the Masterline Walker brand we know today. The company remains based in Tewkesbury, Glocestershire, although it now operates out of a purpose built building. The joint enterprise has grown and is now at the forefront of tackle distribution for the United Kingdom and Ireland. It now supplies a comprehensive range of fishing tackle to tackle retailers country wide.

During the merge, many of Jarvis Walker’s iconic own brand products went under redevelopment in the UK offices. This redevelopment was key, as Masterline Walker understood that the challenges that faced Australian anglers, the challenges which the Jarvis Walker tackle helped overcome so magnificently, were not the same challenges that faced British anglers on British waters. John Wilson, MBE, worked closely with the brands throughout the redevelopment process and imparted all his expertise onto the company. Wilson continues to give his endorsement to the company, despite the fact he now lives and fishes in Thailand. The John Wilson Barbel Quiver is a regular best seller on our website.

Masterline Walker is now the figurehead of a fishing empire, which has spread from one side of the globe to the other. In recent years the company has turned its hand to boat production, and Watersnake trolling motors, Jarvis Marine boating products, and Condor fish finders make up an extensive boating range. Some of its best selling products are now its life-jackets, which help ensure you (and your children) are safe out on the open water.

The Masterline Walker has its own Fish Mail, a monthly subscription service which delivers a newsletter direct to your inbox to keep you up to date on all the latest fishing news, as well as proving tips and tricks about how to get the most out of Masterline Walker’s extensive range. On its website, it has a comprehensive catalogue of ‘Buyers Guides’. These are aimed at anglers of all abilities, from beginners to professionals, and provide detailed information about each area of tackle. This information isn’t brand specific and doesn’t directly target its own products, so it’s a really handy guide that you can print out and keep to help you in any fishing situation. If you’re not sure what reel to use or which hooks would be best for the bait of your choice, then Masterline Walker has produced the guide for you.

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