Maver UK Ltd is one of the newer brands on the market, having launched in 1994, but the things it has achieved in 20 years could rival even the most established brands. It is now the largest producer of competition poles in Europe, and its name is synonymous with high performance innovation and coarse and match fishing. At £8,000 its Super Lithium 801 is still the most expensive pole to ever retail, and, to the anglers who have bought it, it is worth every penny. It was this pole that really catapulted the brand into the spotlight, and it has remained there thanks to its continued innovation and renowned after sales service.

Having already established itself as the figurehead of the competition pole industry, using only high quality materials in conjunction with the latest mandrel technology, in the past decade Maver has decided to move into both the spin and game industry and the carp industry.

In 2006 Maver launched the Distinction brand, which specialises in tackle for the spin and game industry. The brand has experienced steady growth since its launch, and continues to expand its product range year on year. The nets are currently considered among the best value for money in the game industry. Working with Scandinavian consultants, who are among the most respected in this area of the industry, the company has added top level spin, fly, and salmon bait rods to its arsenal of products, and are now viewed as one of the most credible brands on the market.

A year later, after noticing a lull in the market, Maver Carp began trading with the hope of reinvigorating the industry by producing high quality products from a brand anglers know and trust. This brand is currently establishing itself firmly in the European market. The range of products includes rods, bite indicators, bivvies, chairs, luggage, and much more. Maver Carp is structured for all abilities and budgets, with the full range of high quality products available at competitive prices.

Managing director, Phil Briscoe, is the long standing owner of Larford Lakes, putting the company in the unique position of seeing its rods in action on its own lakes. Briscoe has improved the lakes exponentially during his tenure, transforming them from one tired lake to three well stocked lakes abutting a beautiful stretch of the Severn. Thanks to Briscoe’s modification, Larford Lakes now hosts some of the most prestigious events in the match calendar, including the Maver Pairs Final, the Maver Classic, the annual Summer Festival, and, last but by no means least, the highly respected Mega ‘Match This’ Event. As you can see, the fishery is firmly established in the angling community and now provides outstanding facilities thanks to the purpose built cafeteria, so you can fish in luxury.

In January 2014, the brand set up a Centres of Excellence scheme in which it highlights up to 50 key stockists and provides them with limited edition stock. This stock is part of its Elite range, and is unavailable in all other tackle shops – as signified by the green Centre of Excellence crest. Angling Direct is very proud to have been commended as a Centre of Excellence and as such have exclusive tackle on sale in our stores and online.

Maver has always wanted to appeal to the modern angler, which is why it is in constant consultation with many high profile sponsored anglers to ensure it provides exactly the tools the modern angler requires to land the most catches. It is a brand focussed on innovation, and its relative youth and undeniable success proves just how powerful this ethos has been.

Maver UK Ltd is a name synonymous with high performance and innovation in the coarse and match fishing scene, cementing itself as a top brand that caters to the modern-day commercial angler.

A figurehead of the UK pole industry, its partnership with Reglass in Italy promises manufacturing with only high-quality carbon fibre in conjunction with the latest European technology, utilising patented finishes and exclusive engineering to produce unique poles that are among the very best on the market in both build stature and value for money.

Not only a powerhouse in poles, it continues to branch out year after year, infusing the market with a full range of high-quality products at competitive prices that satisfies every anglers needs and wants, including stunning rods, durable luggage, stylish clothing, practical seatboxes, and even reliable terminal tackle.

The brand is so confident in it top-end goods that it offers a two-year manufacturers warranty for every purchase of all seatboxes and Reglass-made poles, as well as its unrivalled and renowned aftercare service, something exclusive for Maver consumers that gives peace of mind.

At the helm of the company is Managing Director Mrs Sarah Archer-Phoenix, bringing a wealth of industry experience to exponentially grow the brand into a mainstay in the angling community. Working alongside is Product Development Director Mr Stephen Bellion, ensuring each and every item that brandishes the Maver name is worth every penny, maintaining the high standards that the brand is known for in both current and new products.

Maver has always appealed to the present-day angler, which is why it is in constant communication with its high-profile sponsored anglers and consultants, along with holding a strong social media presence – an important virtue in this new age of fishing. It’s not afraid to adapt to the ever-changing commercial scene and bring revolutionary products to the table, assuring that the business ethos – ‘passion and experience’ – is clear and indisputable throughout every move.

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