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Established in 1998, NBrice began when Neville Brice, unsatisfied with what was already on the market, produced just two rod pods – one for himself and another to sell. He did this with the idea that the sale of the second pod would cover the cost of materials. However, soon he had a small group of friends all clamouring for their own pod. He made ten more pods for these friends, and shortly after their friends approached him – they wanted one too! The business began to snowball dramatically as more and more people came to Neville asking for their own pods.

It was at this time that Neville was involved in a car crash. For some this would be used as a time to rest, but Neville saw it as an opportunity. He used the six months he was out of action to build his own website, and NBrice Stainless was born! The product catalogue grew with the business, and soon he began producing a whole host of stainless products, from banksticks and buzzer bars to gravel eaters and cover caps.

Shortly after the launch of the website, NBrice began to receive interest from tackle shops up and down the country. For a one-man company which uses little to no advertising, and instead relies on word of month, this was a huge development. Neville firmly believes that this is because the products he produces more than speak for themselves, as demonstrated by their continued success on the market.

Quality, and quality of service, is paramount to the business. The number you see on the NBrice website is Neville’s direct line – unlike many others Neville truly is the face of the company as well as the force behind it. You don’t get through to a receptionist, you get through directly to him. The English manufacture of all NBrice products is not only a testament to the quality of the products, but is also, in Neville’s mind, a necessary feature of the company. The company logo features the Union Jack, and proudly proclaims that all products are handmade in the UK.

Neville has got a keen eye on the market, and as the market moved to developing lighter weight products so did he. Stainless steel is incredibly hard wearing, however it is a little heavy. Neville discovered a supplier who could provide him with top quality carbon fibre – a hard wearing but light-weight alternative. This enabled him to produce products that were a little different to those already available and many of his stainless products are now available in a carbon fibre alternative. To reflect this change in business, Neville dropped the ‘Stainless’ from the company name and logo. The company became simply ‘NBrice’ – one name that stands for everything the company is about. The company is now best known for its top quality carbon fibre products.

As a one-man company, NBrice has to be careful in what it invests its time and money in. Neville never creates a product he wouldn’t want in his own tackle box, and because of this all the products in the catalogue are carefully designed to meet his exceptional standards. He then puts them through a rigorous testing process to ensure they are market ready.

The NBrice signature pod which began the business is still selling as well as ever – in both stainless and carbon form. It continues to receive rave reviews.

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