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Established in 1991 by Nick Larkin, Nisa has more than a quarter of a century of tackle manufacture experience under its belt. Like all the best tackle companies, it began when Nick, himself a match angler, felt that the feeders available on the market weren’t best suited to his style of fishing. With a background in engineering, Nick was soon able to rustle up a bespoke feeder that was perfect not only for his fishing style but also for the East Anglian waters that he frequented.

His success with this feeder was soon noticed by his friends on the bank, and soon Nick had a small queue of anglers lining up for their own bespoke feeders. Word spread quickly, and Nick began to think that his innovative little feeder could benefit a lot more anglers than just his group of friends. As an angler himself, Nick already had a strong relationship with his local tackle shops and he spent some time driving from shop to shop pitching his feeder. Not only did a lot of these shops like Nick, but they loved the sound of his product. Soon Nick was producing feeders on a small commercial scale, all the time thinking of innovative baiting solutions.

From this humble beginning, Nisa now supplies in excess of 270 products to tackle retailers up and down the country. Despite this increased range, the motivation for starting the brand has never wavered and it only ever produces tackle that it feels are missing form the bankside. This ensures that no product is ever designed just for the sake of releasing something new. Purpose built, the companuy even recognises that different areas of the country require different things from their tackle. This means that is you walk into a tackle shop in London you won’t find the exact same product as you would were you to walk into an East Anglian tackle shop or a Midlands tackle shop.

Throughout the range one thing remains constant – durability. Nisa prides itself on creating extremely durable tackle that won’t crumble on the bank, or in your tackle bag. As an angler himself, Nick knows the disappointment of buying a new product, using if for a couple of sessions, only to open your bag a week later and find it in pieces. All its products are built to last and this, Nick believes, is why anglers recommend the brand to their friends time and time again.

In fact, the products are so durable that Nisa is still selling the open ended feeder that started the brand off over 25 years ago. It is selling better than ever, and looks set to remain on the product catalogue for many years to come. The Flyer feeder range is another of the highly successful feeder products to come from the brand. This feeder is truly unique thanks to its tear drop lead. Although 98% of the products in the brand catalogue are the feeder products for which the brand is best associated with, Nisa also produces a number of other niche products that offer innovative tackle solutions. The Connect Adjust is a bit of terminal tackle that Nick is particularly proud of – a patented design that stores line during pole fishing allowing for quick adjustments without the need to change rigs.

All the products in the range are designed, tested, and manufactured from Nisa’s Lowestoft base. This allows Nick to have incredible control over the production of its tackle and ensures quality each time. If you’re looking for a quality British feeder, Nisa is the only option.

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