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Legend is a much over used word but, in the saltwater world at least, the name of Paul Kerry definitely fits that billing. Paul has won an incredible number of UK and International titles. He has spent many years representing his country, not only at sea fishing but also in tournament casting, winning countless competitions in both disciplines along the way.

Paul’s achievements in sea fishing are not solely down to his ability to cast long distances, although that is certainly one highly enviable factor. Paul has always been very open about his own abilities, and has always said that the tackle he uses is one of the most important factors in terms of his success. Paul has been an avid angler all his life but, as he began his journey to become one of Britain’s finest saltwater fishermen, he started seeing weak spots in the tackle he was using.

Growing increasingly dissatisfied with the results he was getting from shop-bought terminal tackle, Paul began to experiment with his own homemade tackle. So good were his results from his self-made terminal gear that his team mates soon began to ask him to make rigs for them. This service quickly expanded to friends, then friends of friends, and very quickly the requests outgrew his ability to keep up with them. Paul was left with no choice other than to go into commercial production simply to keep up with demand.

Now, many years after the initial product line was released, Paul Kerry Tackle remains as popular as ever. His range of Ready Rigs encompasses all aspects of saltwater fishing and he has expertly crafted fish specific rigs for all saltwater angling styles. With a proven track record of success – both in the hands of Paul as well as the average leisure angler – Paul Kerry Tackle remains the favourite of countless sea anglers across the country.

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