PB Products: The Specialist in Carp Angling

PB Products stands as an industry leader in the realm of carp fishing, acclaimed for their superior end tackle. Their aligners, chods, hook links, and fishing accessories all embody an unwavering commitment to quality and functionality. Each product, crafted in collaboration with a knowledgeable team of anglers, ensures a true-to-experience design ethos.

Highlighted Selection: Advanced Tackle from PB Products

Our product range from PB Products includes top-level equipment such as the Downforce Tungsten Coated Hooklinks, Glow in the Dark Multi Rig Tool, and Stretch Attack Shockleader. These products, among others, testify to PB Products' innovative spirit and strive to enhance your carp angling experiences.

The Legacy of PB Products

PB Products is the creative endeavour of angling legends Piet Vogel, Bertus Wagenaar and Henk van Berkel. The brand has consistently innovated and expanded, earning the loyalty of carp anglers across the globe. With guidance from experts like Mark Holmes, Shaun Harrison, Zak Taylor, and other professional anglers, PB Products remains a reliable source of high-performance carp fishing tackle.

Wide Product Range with Sustainability at the Core

PB Products offers an extensive array of products to meet varied carp angling needs, from the Combi Rig to Mainline and PVA. Balancing affordability and sustainability, PB Products has been a preferred choice for environmentally-conscious anglers for over 25 years.

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