RidgeMonkey Fishing Tackle

RidgeMonkey was formed in 2014 by Paul Getty in order to best market his innovative air dry system, and it was about this time he was introduced to Gareth and Jay. Together they formed the core team for the company, and the rest is history. In this way, the company is a team of like-minded anglers who are all striving for the same goal – to produce top quality products that really make a difference. Despite being one of the newest companies on the market, it has taken the fishing industry by storm, and its innovative products are flying off shelves up and down the country.

It was during product development for the Vault Power Pack that Gareth approached Paul with an innovative idea for a deep fill sandwich toaster, designed with carp anglers in mind. Paul jumped on the idea, and since the release of the toaster the brand has had the platform to re-invest and create new products.

During the product development process, the first question that gets asked is ‘why?’, and in this way RidgeMonkey is unique. Where other brands look into profitability, RidgeMonkey looks into practicality. If the product is just a rebranded version of something else on the market, the company doesn’t bother with it. The brand is only concerned with innovative products that really do change the face of angling. As a team of anglers themselves, the company has an impressive ethos: if its team wouldn’t use the products themselves then it doesn’t leave the warehouse. It prefers quality over quantity, and although its product range is set to grow with the company its growth won’t be to the detriment of the company values. It believes that a small range of high impact, well thought out products is of much greater use to the angler on the bank than a huge range of half-hatched products. Its small range incorporates cooking gear, lighting solutions, and other angling accessories.

All RidgeMonkey products go through a rigorous testing process by a close knit team of key anglers throughout the UK and Continental Europe. It listens to their feedback, tweaks the product accordingly, and only after the products have been tested again do they end up on the shelves. It is also keenly interested in the feedback from its customers, and has been known to create whole new products based on feedback from the shop floor.

Its impressive sandwich toasters are a favourite of Angling Direct shop managers up and down the country, with two managers including the brand in their Top Tackle Blog Entry.

RidgeMonkey doesn’t employ a promotional team or have a board of marketing executives; instead it lets its products do the talking. Because of this you can be assured that if you spot an angler on the bank using a RidgeMonkey product it’s because they think it is a stellar product, rather than because they’ve been sold by a top notch marketing campaign.

The brand caters for every angler, whether they’ve been fishing since they were out of nappies or only picked up a rod a week ago. RidgeMonkey is a young company with big ideas for the future, and is determined to remain on the cutting edge of angling innovation for the rest of the company’s life.

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