Shimano Carp Reels

Shimano has been leading the way in carp reel production ever since the company first turned its hand to reel design over 50 years ago. Originally a bicycle gear manufacturer, and still prolific in this area, Shimano can be considered the expert in all things rotational, including the carp anglers precious reel.

In addition to its gear expertise, Shimano is a brand that has been founded on strong environmental ethics and strives to enhance the human connection with nature. As many carp anglers of the UK, we, here at Angling Direct, could not agree more with the environmental morals that align Shimano and the care of carp together. Shimano more than achieves its low carbon footprint with its range of carp reels, which all display expert technology combined with stunning finishes to give superb control and feel at the bankside.

You’ll notice that many of the reels in this Shimano Carp Reel section of our online store come fitted with Baitrunner technology. The Baitrunner really has taken the angling world by storm ever since its invention, and the technology is so popular that it is an industry-standard for big fish reels. However, Shimano is more than confident that once you experience the real thing, you aren’t ever going to want to turn back. The Baitrunner itself is a lever, located on the rear of the reel, which sets the reel to allow the line to be released in a controlled free spool.

Baitrunner or big pit reel, Shimano recognises no matter what reel that carp anglers need that there is a variety of different budgets when it comes to buying reels. Some anglers might be looking for a quality reel that won’t break the bank, whilst others are able to really splash out on a top of the range bit of kit. Like us here at Angling Direct, Shimano doesn’t believe that budget should get in the way of purchasing top-end tackle, which is why its reels come in between £30 and £500. This ensures that there really is a reel for everyone, and no matter your budget you’re bound to get a cracking reel that will make all the difference on the bank. So whether you’re upgrading a tired old reel that you’ve loved for years, or you’re jumping headfirst into a brand new reel to kick start your angling career, Shimano has a carp reel for you.

We also stock a range of carp luggage such as reel cases that protect your reel during transit! If you have any questions, feel free to call customer services or pop into your local Angling Direct.

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