Sonik Sports is one of the newer brands on the market and the company was only established in 2008. What it has achieved in the short years is a feat that many companies would find enviable, and it is already one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of carp rods. The company prides itself on its growth and has big plans to further expand in the industry. It aims to do this though the creation of rods that continually exceed expectations and provide exceptional value for money.

As well as being one of the market leaders in carp rods, Sonik has also established itself as a major player in carp reel manufacturing. Sonik carp reels already have an outstanding reputation for their consistent high performance and reliability on the bank side. The company is committed to improving the quality of its products year on year, and utilise ground breaking new materials, such as nanoalloy, in its top of the range rods to produce tackle that is lighter, slimmer, and more durable than before.

Sonik prides itself on being a dynamic company. Its relative infancy in the market allows it to explore avenues than other more established companies could not, meaning the products you receive will be unique. It actively challenges conventional market wisdom, and through this it aims to remove as many of the myriad of, often unnecessary, steps that larger, older companies make out of tradition. This means that its products appear on the market markedly before similar products by its competitors. In real terms, this means that you, as the angler, are receiving top of the range tackle earlier, meaning you will have the equipment to land more fish before any of the other anglers on the bank.

Although it originally specialised in carp tackle, Sonik now produces tackle for a range of angling types, including sea fishing, fly fishing, and lure fishing. Sonik offers a comprehensive mix of rods, reels, lines, luggage, and nets across its ranges, so you have everything you need to enjoy a days fishing.

Sonik is a company of anglers who have decades of combined experience on the water and by the bank. The anglers behind the brand are committed to producing excellent, creative tackle at affordable prices so all anglers can enjoy it. These anglers want to expand the world of angling and make it an accessible sport to all. However, it is a company who acknowledges that tackle companies are not the only ones who enrich the angling environment, and it sponsors a number of angling organisations.

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