Fox Bedchair Range

Fishing excursions, be they at dawn or dusk, demand unparalleled comfort, and this is where the Fox Bedchair range genuinely excels. Designed meticulously for both novice and seasoned anglers, our selection of Fox Bedchairs ensures support and relaxation during your angling adventures.

The Superior Fox Duralite Bedchair

The Fox Duralite Bedchair is our lightest offering, thanks to its Duralite magnesium alloy construction, providing a blend of strength and featherweight convenience. With a 3D mesh upper mattress and a polyester base, it ensures not only weight reduction but improved air flow and comfort. The mattress is ingeniously designed with high-density foam topped with hollowfill, providing firm yet soft-touch support, styled in unique Fox Camo on the outer perimeter for an extra edge.

Fox R2 Bedchair: A Versatile Choice

The Fox R2 Camo Bedchair is designed for supreme comfort with a flat profile and cam-free design, maximising usable width for a spacious feel. It boasts full lumbar support with a firm, sag-free mattress, enhanced with extra padding at the head end and covered with a soft, fleece-lined, Fox Camo-patterned trim. Functional and stylish, it also features six adjustable legs, large swivelling mud-feet, and unique side straps for compact packing, making it a reliable companion for any angling adventure.

Enjoy Stability with the Fox Flatliner 8 Leg Bedchair

The Fox Flatliner 8 Leg Bedchair offers unmatched comfort with a flat frame and full lumbar support. Its mattress, made with high-density foam and hollow fill, provides a firm yet soft feel, with extra firmness on the outer perimeter to reduce frame compression. With eight legs for stability, double hinges for easy packing, and compatibility with all Fox sleeping bag covers, it's a top choice for anglers seeking comfort and convenience.

Simplicity Meets Comfort: Fox Flatliner Bedchair

The Fox Flatliner Bedchair offers maximum comfort with its flat frame and full lumbar support. Its high-density foam and hollow fill mattress ensures a firm yet soft feel, with outer firm foam to reduce frame compression. Featuring a one-touch Spring Loc leg mechanism, eight stable legs, and compatibility with Fox sleeping bag covers, it’s an angler's ideal companion for comfort and ease.

Explore Our Diverse Range

At Angling Direct, we pride ourselves on hosting a diverse range of premium products, and the Fox Bedchair selection is no exception. Each bedchair in this range is crafted with the angler's comfort and convenience in mind, promising a restful and supportive experience during your fishing trips.

Whether you’re at the beginning of your angling journey or have countless catches under your belt, the Fox Bedchair range offers options that cater to every level of experience and preference. With each model boasting unique features and benefits, finding the bedchair that aligns with your needs has never been easier.

Dive deep into our extensive Fox Bedchair range. Each product is designed to provide you with the comfort you need during your angling adventures. Explore the range, understand the unique features each model brings, and make an informed choice. Your next comfortable and successful fishing expedition is just a click away. 

Read our article 'The Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Right Fishing Bedchair' to make an informed decision for your next purchase.

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