The Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Right Fishing Bedchair

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The Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Right Fishing Bedchair

The excitement and tranquillity of fishing often hinge on the art of patience. While you're waiting for that perfect catch to bite, striving for comfort is a must. Here, a good fishing bedchair is an essential part of every angler's carp fishing gear.

This comprehensive guide will help you navigate the market and find the perfect fishing bedchair that marries comfort, durability, and convenience.

What is a Fishing Bedchair?

A fishing bedchair, as the name implies, is a combination of a chair and a bed. It provides comfort during long fishing sessions. Unlike regular bedchairs for camping, these bedchairs offer greater support. Some even have adjustable reclining features, enabling you to sit or lie down at your convenience.

Why You Need a Fishing Bedchair

The main purpose of a fishing bedchair is to make your fishing trips more comfortable. Using a bedchair can help you avoid back pain, leg cramps, and other health problems.

Additionally, being relaxed and comfortable can enhance your focus and patience, increasing your chances of making a successful catch.

What is a Bedchair Sleep System?

A sleep system is basically a bedchair that comes complete with a sleeping bag and occasionally a pillow or padded pillow section. It provides anglers with everything necessary for a comfortable night's sleep in one convenient package!

Top Fishing Sleep Systems

What is the Best Sleep System?

A quality bed chair sleep system incorporates a bedchair with an integrated sleeping bag or fleece, offering comfort and convenience during outdoor excursions. Look for durable materials, comfortable padding, seamless integration, adjustability, insulation, easy setup, portability, and weather resistance.

These systems enhance comfort with a well-padded bedchair, insulation for warmth, and easy adjustment options, making them a practical choice for anglers seeking a cosy and hassle-free sleeping solution amidst their fishing adventures.

Key Factors to Consider When Buying a Fishing Bedchair

1. Material and Durability

When choosing a fishing bedchair, you must consider the material used both in the mattress and the bedchair frame. Ideally, the chair’s frame should be, rust-proof, and strong. The mattress needs to be water-resistant and robust enough to withstand different weather conditions. High-quality materials will not only ensure durability but also provide adequate comfort and support.

2. Comfort and Support

A well-padded bedchair with adjustable settings can provide excellent comfort and support. Look for models with individually adjustable legs that can adapt to uneven terrain, a padded mattress or a fleece bedchair cover for additional warmth.

3. Weight and Portability

The weight of your fishing bedchair is a critical factor, especially if you plan on moving around a lot. While heavy bedchairs might offer more comfort and stability, they can be cumbersome to transport. Seek a balance between comfort and portability based on your individual needs. Many lightweight models still provide excellent comfort and support.

4. Ease of Setup

A bedchair that is complex to set up can dampen your enthusiasm for fishing. Opt for models with a simple setup process. This can save you time and effort, allowing you to focus more on the fishing itself.

5. Price and Value

Just like any other product, the price of fishing bedchairs varies widely. It’s vital to set a budget but also to ensure that you are getting good value for your money. For example, you may pay extra for wider bedchairs or ones with added features like attached sleeping bags, inflatable pillows or a foot section so you can climb on your bed with your fishing boots on! Look for a bedchair that ticks all your boxes and fits within your budget range.

Carp Fishing BedchairsCarp Fishing Bedchairs

Picking the Perfect Fishing Bedchair

Navigating through the vast array of angling bedchairs in the market can be a challenging endeavour, as finding the perfect fit for your individual needs might seem overwhelming. Here are some essential features to consider while investing in a bedchair.

How to Fold a BedchairHow to Fold a Bedchair

Bedchair Frame: Typically, manufacturers make bedchairs from an aluminium frame for durability, sturdiness, and lightweight transportability. This ensures you can effortlessly cart it to the riverbank, confident of its load-bearing capability.

Hinge Points: Modern bedchairs often come equipped with dual-hinge points, which expand the fold to accommodate a sleeping bag and angling pillow when folded.

Bedchair LegsBedchair Legs

Bedchair Legs: Vital for sturdiness, most bedchairs come with six legs, placed strategically at the head section, your torso, and your thighs. Some of our range even feature eight legs for enhanced stability, ideal for anglers who often tackle questionable terrains and desire extra bedchair security.

Swivel Feet: Integral for bedchair stability, swivel feet, also known as mud feet, pivot and angle to give you a completely flat base – crucial if your swim is notably uneven.

Bedchair Foam MattressBedchair Foam Mattress

Bedchair Mattress: The padding material of a bedchair mattress can vary, ranging from traditional foam to advanced memory foam. The choice depends on your needs and preferences.

Bedchair Material: Many of our bedchair mattresses have a peach skin or soft-touch finish. Your mattress might also feature a fleece finish – an excellent choice if you're a year-round angler.

Welly/Boot Sections: Usually made from an easy-to-clean material, like nylon. It's perfect for anglers who like to relax on the bank without removing their shoes.

Size: Most bedchairs for fishing come in a 'standard' width, which tends to be more than wide enough for the average angler. We also stock 'wide' bedchairs, offering a few additional inches of width. These are ideal for those lengthier carp fishing sessions when comfort is a priority.

Flat-lying or Reclining: As a general rule, the flatter your bedchair can go, the better sleep you're going to get. Some double up as a reclining fishing chair.

Best Fishing Bedchair Brands

Each brand has its unique strengths. Some popular carp bedchairs include Trakker, Nash, and Fox. Trakker is known for its focus on comfort, Nash bedchairs for its durability, and Fox bedchairs for its balance of comfort and portability. You will also find amazing, cost-friendly bedchairs with Advanta Fishing Tackle and Solar bedchairs.

Reviews of Top Fishing Bedchairs

Advanta Endurance 6-Leg Session Bedchair Review: Comfort and Durability for Anglers

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐☆ (4/5)

Advanta Fishing BedchairAdvanta Fishing Bedchair

The Advanta Endurance 6-Leg Session Bedchair is a notable addition to any angler's arsenal, offering a blend of comfort, sturdiness, and practicality. Designed to enhance the fishing experience during those extended sessions, this bedchair for carp fishing has its pros and cons.


+ Easy Setup: One of the standout features is its user-friendly setup. The bedchair unfolds and folds back down without much hassle, making it convenient for anglers who frequently move from spot to spot. The compact design when folded also aids in transportation.

+ Adjustable Legs: The adjustable legs allow anglers to level the bedchair on various terrains. This adaptability ensures a comfortable sleeping or lounging experience, regardless of the ground conditions.

+ Durable Materials: The bedchair is constructed from durable materials that are built to withstand the rigours of outdoor use. The fabric is sturdy and resistant to wear and tear, promising a long lifespan.

+ Price Point: The bedchair falls into a lower-range price category, which is great for budget-conscious anglers.


- Bulkiness: While the Endurance bedchair's sturdy construction is a plus, it can also be a drawback for those seeking a more lightweight and compact option. Transporting this bedchair may require a bit more space in your vehicle as it measures up as Size: 213cm (L) x 83.5cm (W)

- Weight: While the six-leg design contributes to stability, it also adds to the overall weight of the bedchair. This could be a concern for anglers who prioritize portability over the extra stability provided by the extra legs. Total weight: 10.4kg

Sonik SK-TEK Levelbed Review: A Comfortable Resting Solution for Anglers

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐☆ (4/5)

Sonik Fishing BedchairSonik Fishing Bedchair

The Sonik SK-TEK Levelbed stands out as a solid choice for anglers seeking a blend of comfort, portability, and thoughtful design. With its unique features, this fishing bedchair has both pros and cons worth considering.


+ Ergonomic Comfort: The SK-TEK Levelbed prioritizes comfort with its padded mattress that cradles you during long fishing sessions. The ergonomic design and cushioning ensure you can relax without discomfort, whether you're napping or awaiting your next catch.

+ Compact and Portable: This bedchair's strength lies in its lightweight and collapsible design. It folds down compactly, making transportation and storage hassle-free. It's an excellent option for anglers who move frequently between fishing spots or need to pack limited gear.

+ Side Pockets: This bedchair has built-in mesh side pockets for storage, which could be inconvenient for anglers who like to keep their essentials within arm's reach.


- Weight Capacity: While the frame is sturdy, the weight capacity might be slightly lower compared to some other bedchairs on the market. This could be a concern for anglers who require higher weight limits.

- Stability: Its 9.6kg weight and portability may be a pro for some but the SK-TEK Levelbed may compromise slightly on stability compared to wider bedchairs.

Trakker RLX Flat-6 Bed Review: Luxurious Comfort for Discerning Anglers

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/5)

Trakker BedchairTrakker Bedchair

The Trakker RLX Flat-6 Bed sets an exceptional standard in the world of fishing bedchairs, combining uncompromising comfort, innovative design, and superior craftsmanship.

Aspiring to meet the needs of avid anglers, this Trakker bedchair boasts numerous pros and cons that should be taken into account before making a purchase decision.


+ Unparalleled Comfort: The RLX Flat-6 Bed offers an unparalleled level of comfort thanks to its plush mattress and advanced cushioning. Whether you're taking a short nap or settling in for a long night of fishing, this bedchair provides the utmost relaxation and support.

+ Premium Build Quality: Trakker is renowned for its attention to detail and high-quality construction, and the RLX Flat-6 Bed is no exception. The robust frame and sturdy materials ensure longevity and reliability, making it a sound investment for dedicated anglers.

+ Adjustable-Leg Design: The RLX Flat-6 Bed boasts adjustable legs that allow you to fine-tune the bedchair's position, ensuring optimal comfort no matter where you set up. The fishing recliner chairs can also be adjusted, catering to various preferences.


- Price Point: Undoubtedly a premium offering, the RLX Flat-6 Bed comes with a higher price tag. While the quality justifies the cost for dedicated anglers, it might be less appealing to those on a budget.

- Bulkiness: While the bedchair's 7.5kg weight is commendable, its size when folded might pose challenges in terms of storage and transportation, especially if you have limited space in your vehicle.

How Do You Clean A Fishing Bed?

Once you've found your perfect fishing bedchair, it's essential to maintain it properly to extend its lifespan.

1. Clean and Dry Regularly: After each fishing trip, take the time to clean your bedchair. Remove any dirt, sand, or debris that might have accumulated on the frame, fabric, or padding. Make sure the bedchair is completely dry before storing it to prevent mould and mildew growth, which can damage the materials over time.

2. Store Properly: When not in use, be sure to store your bed chair in a dry and cool environment to avoid it deteriorating. Avoid leaving it exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods, as UV rays can degrade the fabric and materials. If possible, keep it covered with a protective storage bag or cover to shield it from dust and potential damage.

3. Inspect and Tighten: Regularly inspect the bedchair's frame, legs, and hinges for any signs of wear, loosening, or rust. Tighten any loose screws, bolts, or elastic connections to maintain stability. Lubricate moving parts if necessary to ensure smooth operation and prevent corrosion.

4. Use Carefully: While fishing, be mindful of how you use the bedchair. Avoid sudden movements or excessive force when adjusting the recline angles or folding/unfolding the chair. Sit down and get up gently to prevent unnecessary stress on the frame and fabric.

5. Avoid Overloading: Respect the weight capacity of your bedchair. Overloading it with excessive weight can lead to strain on the frame and fabric, reducing its lifespan. If you need to carry heavy items, use a separate storage solution rather than piling them onto the bed chair.

By following these basic care tips, you can ensure that your fishing bedchair remains comfortable, functional, and durable throughout its lifespan. Regular maintenance and proper storage go a long way in preserving the quality of your gear, allowing you to enjoy many successful fishing adventures.

Best Fishing Bedchairs

Choosing the right fishing bedchair can significantly improve your fishing experience. By focusing on key aspects such as material and durability, comfort and support, weight and portability, ease of setup, and price, you can find a bedchair that perfectly suits your needs.

With the right bedchair, you're not just investing in a piece of equipment, but in the comfort and relaxation that will accompany you during those long hours by the water. So, whether you're a seasoned angler or just starting out, remember that a well-chosen bedchair is a key ingredient for a more enjoyable and successful carp fishing journey.

FAQs on Bedchairs for Fishing

Why should I consider a bedchair for angling?

A bedchair provides the utmost comfort during your angling sessions, enhancing your overall experience. It serves a dual purpose of being a chair while you're fishing and a bed when you need rest, without having to lug around two separate pieces of equipment. It also keeps you elevated from the ground, which can be essential in wet or cold weather.

Are bedchairs difficult to transport?

Most bedchairs are designed for easy portability. They're usually lightweight and foldable, making them easy to carry around. Some come with a carrying bag or straps.

How can I ensure the durability of my bedchair?

Look for a bedchair that's made from high-quality, robust materials. This ensures it can withstand outdoor conditions.

Post-purchase, regular maintenance plays a key role. Clean your bedchair after each use. Store it in a dry place. Avoid exceeding the weight limit and handle it with care to prevent any damage.

Are sleep systems worth the extra cost?

If comfort is your primary concern, then yes, carp sleep systems are worth the extra cost. They offer additional features such as extra padding, thermal lining, and even built-in pillows, providing you with a more comfortable and cozy experience. They can be particularly beneficial for overnight trips or colder weather.

Can I use a bedchair for other outdoor activities?

Absolutely! While bedchairs are often associated with angling, they are quite versatile and can be used for a variety of outdoor activities. Whether you're going camping, attending a music festival, or just spending a day at the beach, a bedchair can ensure you're comfortable throughout. However, always ensure to use it appropriately and maintain it well to extend its lifespan.

What is the widest fishing bedchair?

The dimensions of sleep system bedchairs can vary widely based on the model and manufacturer. Typically, a standard bedchair is about 80-90cm wide, but extra-wide models can be over 100cm. For instance, the Nash Tackle Bedchair Wide, a popular choice among anglers, offers an extra-wide version. Always check the product specifications for the most accurate and current information.

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