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Wychwood Bedchairs A decent bedchair is an essential bit of kit for the dedicated carp angler who is going to be spending many hours down on the bank. There is nothing worse than trying to fish on a bad night’s sleep, especially if you’re left with a stuff back or neck. Wychwood understands this, which is why it has put a lot of time and effort into ensure its range of bedchairs are of premier quality. Featuring adjustable legs lengths (to ensure you get a flat night’s sleep no matter the terrain) and swivel mud feet (to keep you sturdy and stable all night long) these bedchairs will allow you to drift off safe in the knowledge that you’re not going to wake up with a thud. Padded mattresses that are tailored to the shape of your body support the spine where it needs it the most – you’re not likely to wake up with a bad back after a night on a Wychwood bedchair! Wychwood’s bedchairs also feature in-built pillows, so you don’t have to worry about carting a bulky and awkward pillow down to the bank with you (please check individual product specifications before purchase). This leaves you with precious extra space in your barrow or rucksack, allowing you to take more of the stuff you need down to the bank. More than a quarter of a century of experience goes into each bit of Wychwood tackle – including its range of bedchairs. With the belief that angler’s fish for the love of it, Wychwood aims to do everything possible to enhance that experience. As such, each bit of tackle is targeted towards increasing angler’s enjoyment of the sport. What’s more enjoyable that waking up well rested after a great nights sleep? For additional information about the bedchairs we stock please contact our customer services team. Available for a no-obligation chat or to give some impartial advice, you can find all our contact information on our dedicated customer services page.
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