Fox 12000S Reel

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Key Features

  • Quick front clutch with grit guard
  • Pro Cast Lip on spool
  • Twist Free Roller
  • Mesh-Tec gearing system
  • Anti-Backlash system
  • Rotor line guards
  • Sprung line clip
  • CNS system
  • Gear ratio: 4.5:1
  • 13 + 1 Stainless ball bearings
  • Spare continental spool supplied

Fox 12000S Reel

The Fox 12000S Reel has been designed with durability and performance excellence in mind. The team at Fox wanted to create a high performance mid-priced reel that would not only represent an excellent investment for an angler who is starting to build their tackle collection but is also an outstanding addition to the arsenal of the most avid members of the carp fishing community. Finished in a classic gunsmoke grey this reel has a modern look that ensures it stands out from the swathes of all black carp reels that have graced the market in recent years.

This is one of the most user friendly reels on the market in this price point, which is why Fox believes this is the ideal high performance reel for the novice angler who is really looking to build and enhance their skills. The front of the reel is fitted with Fox’s innovative Quick Clutch system. This allows you to engage the fighting drag within moments, enabling positive hooksets and powerful fish fighting abilities. This Quick Clutch has been fitted with an especially designed grit guard. This grit guard ensures that the clutch system on this reel has a long lifespan as it prevents the entry of highly corrosive grit into the delicate moving internal elements of the reel.

The Fox 12000S has also been fitted with a Mesh-Tec gearing system. This is a precision cutting technology which ensures that the gears are positioned to mesh perfectly together – no matter what kind of strain the reel experiences. This, in turn, maximises the torque, enabling you to play bigger and harder fighting fish with increased ease and accuracy. The retrieve isn’t the only area where this reel excels, however. The spool has been fitted with a pro-cast lip. This ensures that you are able to cast out to the kinds of distances you require from your carp fishing tackle.

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