Fox International

Fox International is one of the leading tackle manufacturers in Europe. From humble beginnings in a small Essex workshop, the Fox International brand has grown to encompass multiple ranges, always with practically at their heart. With such a huge variety of products available there really is something for every angler – whether your discipline is in carp, match and coarse, sea and sport, predator, or modern lure fishing.

With its ethos of innovative, high quality, performance products, it is no wonder that Fox International has become one of the biggest brands in the business. Fox is a brand that thousands of anglers trust as they head off fishing each day, armed with a portfolio of Fox products.

Established in the 1960s by Cliff Fox, the first ever Fox branded product was released in 1967. The company soon outgrew Cliff’s small rented workshop and moved into the building which was to become Fox’s permanent headquarters. At the same time, thanks to the incredible demand for their products, Fox also opened its European distribution centre, which sits on the boarder between Belgium and the Netherlands, and became a truly international company.

Fifty years later, and Fox International is now the largest privately owned fishing tackle company in Europe, and have upwards of 3,000 unique products. This comprehensive range includes everything from terminal tackle and quality rods to chairs and luggage. It is a company that is trusted worldwide wide, and you can find products from the Fox International portfolio in over 30 countries, including Japan and Russia. The orange Fox logo has grown to become synonymous with the promise of high value, high quality, innovative and practical products.

What started off with one man in a small Essex workshop has transformed into an army of specialists, consulting anglers, and a dedicated design team. Fox International is committed to making products by anglers, for anglers. This ensures that products are not only innovative, but practical, and have become a staple of anglers across the globe. Each of Fox’s ranges has a specific angler in mind.

Their Specialist range is ideal for the carp angler, and features everything you could want from landing nets to scales. Fox have also set up their own video series – Fox TV – to display some of the incredible products in this carp fishing range.

Fox Rage is a dynamic range designed with the modern lure angler in mind. It also features specific, clearly labelled products for catfish and bait anglers, to cover your entire predator fishing needs. This range is set for continued growth over the coming seasons.

Fox International also has a separate Fox Sport range, which is set up for the sport and sea fisher. This range features a whole host of equipment, including rods specially designed to take in your kayak out on the open water. It is these levels of practically that you are assured of when buying a Fox product.

Fox International continues to build on its foundation as one of the leading European tackle companies, releasing new and exciting products each year. Despite all this growth, Fox International’s commitment to its ethos of quality and practicality has remained constant throughout.

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