Fox FX11 Reel

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Key Features

  • Super-slow oscillation
  • 95cm of line retrieved per handle turn
  • Hardwearing, graphite body
  • Minimalist matt black styling &discreet silver trims
  • Rotor brake
  • Anti-backlash system
  • Micro line lay adjustment
  • Rotor line guard
  • Quick Clutch
  • Front clutch grit guard
  • Slim black handle
  • 2 Range Casting Line Clips one black, one silver
  • CNS System
  • Rotor Balanced Profile
  • Twist free roller
  • Mesh-Tech gearing system
  • Pro cast lip on spool
  • 4.6:1 Gear Ratio
  • 590g weight
  • 5 Ball bearings + 1 Roller bearing
  • Supplied with a spare spool but also sold separately
Fox FX11 Reel, Fox has an international reputation for producing exceptional carp fishing reels that are not only high performance but also stunning to look at too. Fox really focuses on producing reels that are designed for carp anglers, rather than just modifying sea reels with a few superfluous changes in order to sell them on the carp market. From its base in Romford, Essex, Fox International designs all its reels from scratch, ensuring they are exactly what the modern carp angler requires, giving the company a staggering advantage over other reel manufacturers. Anglers up and down the country loved Fox’s Magnesium 12000XT and Graphite 12000S reels, but still felt like they were missing a reel that was of a smaller size but still offered exceptional balance on rods with 2.75lb and 3lb test curves. Fox took this feedback, and spent two years working on a solution. Out came the FX11 reel – a downsized big pit reel which is perfect for anglers who fish on 2.75lb and 3lb rods. However, Fox were not just content with living up to expectation and instead chose to exceed it with the FX11. Fox wanted the FX11 to perform superbly as an all rounder, too. Offering a super-slow oscillation, this reel gives an impeccable line lay and can be comfortably used on higher test curve rods to put rigs out well over 150yds. Fox’s Quick Clutch system on the front of the spool allows you to tighten and loosen to cast and run with just one and half rotations of the clutch. All these features set the Fox FX11 reel head and shoulders about the competition. Downsized to give incredible balance on lighter rods, yet powerful enough to perform excellently across the board, this is the versatile carp-specific reel that carp anglers have been crying out for. Supplied with a spare spool but also sold separately
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