Fox Micron RX+ Head

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Key Features

  • Weatherproof sealed case
  • Digital circuitry
  • D-Tec Plus Sensing System (DTSS)
  • Drop back differential
  • Low battery drain
  • Day and night mode
  • Intelligent sensitivity
  • Requires 2 x AA batteries

An ideal simple bite alarm set up when purchased with the Fox Micron RX + Receiver, the Micron RX+  Head features intelligent sensitivity control, which virtually eliminates false alerts caused by wind and water motion; in order to trigger the alarm, in all settings other than maximum, the line has to experience continuous movement in the same direction, for a specified distance, for at least two seconds.

The Tru-Run roller wheel features increased clearance around the roller, and improved drainage. This makes it less likely that the wheel will freeze in very cold conditions.  The enhanced performance continues with the ability to manually select not just day and night light levels for the twin colour LEDs, but also appropriate levels for different daytime fishing conditions, such as fishing from a pier on a bright, clear day, or tackling in a shaded pond on an overcast morning. The LED colour can be quickly and easily changed using a button on the battery cover, ensuring your bite alarm always looks “right” to you.

Running from two AA batteries, this is a low drain product which includes a low battery warning, so when you stop fishing, it’ll be because you have to be up for work in the morning, rather than because your batteries have died.

The Micron RX + features stronger range performance, particularly when used with the Micron RX + receiver, which will ideally suit anglers who regularly cast across long distances in pursuit of their dream fish.

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Manufacturer Product ID CEI159

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