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Gardner ATTs IW Alarm

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Key Features

  • IW = Illuminated wheel roller
  • Supplied with a clear 2 magnet roller wheel
  • Compatible with deluxe &original V2ATTx receivers
  • Full 1 Year ATT Warranty
  • Awesome looks
  • Available in 8 colours
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ATTSIR Colour: Red
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ATTSIP Colour: Purple
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ATTSIPK Colour: Pink
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ATTSIG Colour: Green
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ATTSIW Colour: White
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ATTSIB Colour: Blue
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ATTSIY Colour: Yellow
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ATTSIO Colour: Orange
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Gardner ATTs IW Alarm, 

Gardner knew it was in for a hard task when it came to re-mastering its famous ATTs silent alarm. Loved by anglers up and down the country, the brand was very aware that if it was going to change the alarm design it had to significantly improve the functionality of the alarm, whilst also providing all of the same features which have made the ATTs a firm favourite with the nation’s carp fishing community. For this reason, the new ATTs IW Alarm will be very recognisable to lovers of the alarm’s original incarnation, as it is boasts a whole host of instantly recognisable features. However, it also benefits from a range of technological improvements which ensure that it instantly stands out from the crowd – giving you the advantage that you need on the bank.

First things first, the reliability of the alarm has remained unchanged. Widely considered to be one of the most reliable silent bite alarms on the market, the Gardner team has ensured that none of the new features added to the alarm could impede this, so if you’re looking for a top class alarm which excels in a whole host of conditions then you need look no further. Similarly, the ATTs IW retains the same iconic look of the original alarm. This includes the high ears, which have been designed to ensure that an aggressive take cannot rip your carp rod from your rod support, and the compact, boxy design. However, new for the IW model, the ATTS now benefits from a new underlit feature that really sets this bite alarm apart from the crowd.

The IW in the product name stands for Illuminated Wheel and it is in references to the new coloured LED indicator. This has been designed to sit directly under the transparent wheel roller, at the very front of the alarm. This means that the roller itself lights up with the indication, making it clearer to read the exact indication on the alarm, as well as broadening the range of the light itself. If you’re sat in the peripheries of your swim, you’re much more likely to see the entire roller being lit than you are the small light of a traditional LED. It also makes reading takes at night or in low level light even easier,k as the roller itself diffuses the light. This softens the light, so it is not as harsh as a traditional LED. There are few things as annoying as spots of lights spoiling your night vision and the ATTs IW ensures that even if you look directly at the roller your eyes can retain their natural low-light sensitivity. However, don’t let this fool you into thinking that this alarm is only suitable for night time take, as in testing the light has shone brightly enough that it is clearly visible even in bright daylight.

The range is currently available in six different colours, including carpy white, pink, and purple. It also comes with traditional red, green, and blue, too, for the classic angler. All of these benefits come in the same 100% watertight package as the original ATTs alarm. This alarm is compatible with both the deluxe and the original models of the V2ATTx receivers and it comes with one year of complete ATT warranty as standard. The ATTs IW Underlit Alarm is an alarm you can rely on time and time again and it is the ideal bankside companion for the committed carp angler.

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