Gardner Deluxe Sausage Gun XT

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Key Features

  • Comes complete with 8 different sized nozzles which can be trimmed if required
  • Capacity 600ml
Gardner Deluxe Sausage Gun XT The same basic internals as the Deluxe Sausage Gun but with a different cam to provide lower gearing on the compression stroke makes the XT Gun much easier on the wrists – especially with those harder mixes. The aluminium barrel has a higher volume capacity than the base level gun – and the trigger mechanism, plunger and push cam are all ‘beefed up’ to cope with regular use and the tough metal barrel has a much larger capacity than the standard Sausage Gun. This makes extruding out higher volumes paste much easier and quicker – without refilling the gun so regularly. Different base mixes go through bait guns very differently. Therefore, you will often need to customise the nozzles to suit individual bases – as some expand slightly after extrusion. As a rough guide – finished sausages of boilie paste should be 80% of the diameter of the finished boilie, e.g. 20mm boilies require a 16mm sausage. Note* – there is a practical limit to how hard a mix can be extruded through a gun, even a tough metal one. If you have to squeeze the trigger too hard then the mix is too stiff and will be difficult to roll anyway Comes complete with 8 different sized nozzles which can be trimmed if required. Capacity 600ml.
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