Gardner Specialist Extending Landing Net Handle

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Key Features

  • Heavy duty design
  • constructed from twin layer carbon composite tube
  • Extremely strong and stiff
  • Locking mechanism comprises robust metal collar
  • 4 tab compression mechanism
  • Standard 3/8 BSF thread
  • Compatible with all popular landing net heads
  • Lightweight - only 440g
  • Length = 1.75m extending to 3m. Diameter = 25mm

Gardner Specialist Extending Landing Net Handle

If you find yourself getting routinely frustrated by your existing landing net and you regularly find that it doesn’t give you the kind of reach you require then this could be the solution to all of your problems. Rather than investing in a brand new landing net which offers you the option of a longer handle, why not grab this Specialist Extending Landing Net Handle from Gardner. This landing net handle is almost 6ft in the close position and can be extended to almost 10ft! However, what sets this landing net handle apart from any other with an extension option is that it can be stopped at any of the intermediate lengths. This means that if you’re only after an additional couple of feet, you can unlock and extend the handle to your desired length. Simply lock it into place at any point along the pole for a precise landing net handle option. This makes it ideal for a variety of specialist fishing uses in a huge range of the nation’s waters.

The Gardner Specialist Extending Landing Net Handle is heavy duty in its built and it is constructed from twin layers of carbon composite tubing. This means that when it is fully closed you won’t experience any bend in the pole. In fact, even when the handle is fully extended you’ll only experience minimal bend under the most extreme pressure. To further enhance this strength, it has been fitted with a robust metal collar and a four tab compression mechanism. The Gardner Specialist Extending Landing Net Handle has been fitted with a standard 3/8 BSF thread. This is able to be attached to the spreader block of most of the nation’s favourite landing net heads, although it has been design specifically with the Gardner Specialist Pan Net in mind. It can also be used with a baiting spoon for accurate bait and rig placement. The Gardner Specialist Extending Landing Net Handle is lightweight too and weighs a mere 440g.

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