Gardner TLB Plus Bite Alarm

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Key Features

  • A 3-way ON/OFF switch
  • Allows the unit to be turned off, set on silent mode (transmission only)
  • Or with speaker output on as well
  • A latching LED that flashes once when the unit is powered on
  • Whether its set on silent or with audible output on
  • Free running roller will operate with the lightest bobbins
  • High powered speaker and 10 second LED latch time
  • (Speaker output is measured as 93dB at 10cm)
  • Fully compatible with the V2 ATTx Receiver and Deluxe Receivers
  • A black 3K carbon style plastic face plate to maintain optimal signal to the receiver
  • Polished stainless steel black roller wheel cover protects the roller from frosting
  • Fully WEE compliant
  • Includes Battery and padded protective Pouch
  • Handmade in the UK
  • Dimensions: H 65mm x W 46mm x D 36mm
  • In testing the TLB+ heads achieved the following transmission ranges across open ground
  • 150m+ with V2 ATTx Receivers
  • 225m+ with ATT Deluxe Receivers
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The Gardner TLB Plus Bite Alarm is a high powered, multifunctional bite alarm, which has been hand crafted in the UK by Gardner Tackle.

The TLB alarm champions a three-way on/off switch, allowing the unit to be turned on loud through speaker output, or silent mode via the flick of a switch. Either way a latching LED flashes to inform you the unit is powered on, the LED on this particular alarm is blue.

If speaker output is enabled the high-powered speaker delivers 93dB at 10cm, easily audible from your bivvy, in the case of a bite indication the alarm has a 10 second LED latch time, giving you enough time to correctly identify which alarm has registered a bite.

Bite indication is read by a free running roller wheel, its high sensitivity means that it can be used in conjunction with the lightest of bobbins, the polished stainless-steel roller cover protects the wheel and combats frosting during the winter months.

The black 3K carbon style plastic face and rear plate both look fantastic and also optimise performance, providing more signal penetration than the original metal plates on the old model, optimising the range at which any of the V2 ATTx receivers or deluxe receivers can receive a transmission at. During testing the TLB Plus recorded a range of 150m+ with V2 ATTx receivers and a range of 225m+ with ATT Deluxe receivers.

The bundle includes a battery and a military green padded protective pouch. The dimensions of the alarm are H 65mm x W 46mm x D 36mm.

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