Gold Label Pro-Clear Line

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Key Features

  • Low visibility Matt Clear
  • Superior Co-Polymer Technology
  • More abrasion resistant than other leading monos, even Pro-Gold
  • Ultra supple with reduced memory
  • Designed for use with fixed spool reels
  • Low visibility colour
  • Accurate breaking strain and diameters
  • Clear in colour
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136 Length: 1000m, Weight: 16lb
135 Length: 1000m, Weight: 12lb
137 Length: 1000m, Weight: 20lb
PROCLEAR14 Length: 1000m, Weight: 14lb
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191 Length: 500m, Weight: 10lb
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193 Spool Size: 500m, Breaking Strain: 16lb
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134 Spool Size: 1000m, Breaking Strain: 10lb
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Gold Label Pro-Clear Line

The Gold Label Pro Clear Line from Terry Eustace has been designed with the European specimen angler in mind and it is one of the most popular fishing lines for specimen and carp angling in the UK. This is because the line offers an incredibly low visibility level, making it the ideal stealthy line with which to target nervous fish. The Terry Eustace Gold Label Pro Clear Line also boasts a matt clear finish. This ensures that there is very little reflection from the line, too, further reducing its potential visibility in the water. This makes it the ideal line for angling in clear waters, where low weed levels cause fish to be especially nervous to show themselves. This is the ultimate stealth tool for the angler who likes to target those especially hard to catch carp and specimen species.

The Terry Eustace Gold Label Pro Clear Line is incredibly supple. This ensures that this line can mould to the contours of your venue bed, sticking to the ground in order to keep well out of the way of any unsuspecting fish or birds. However, not only is it incredibly supple but it also has a much reduced memory, compared to other like-for-like lines on the market. This ensures that you don’t have to worry about the line holding the shape of the spool through the cast, reducing the risk of coils and bird’s nest tangles in the line. The Terry Eustace Gold Label Pro Clear Line is also a surprisingly strong line. This enables the line to offer fantastic know strength, so you can fish with confidence that you won’t lose your gear due to weakened knot points on the line. This is a highly abrasion resistant line, too. In fact, Gold Label Tackle is prepared to admit that this line is even more resistant to abrasion than the brand’s very own Pro Gold line. Suffice to say, there is no comparison between the Terry Eustace Gold Label Pro Clear Line and other market leading monofilament mainlines; the Pro Clear comes out on top time after time.

The Terry Eustace Gold Label Pro Clear Line is also able to offer high shock absorbency. This ensures that you can be completely confident when using the Pro Clear, both for long range work as well as playing fish directly under the rod tip. As a team of avid anglers, the brains behind Terry Eustace Gold Label Tackle understand the importance of being able to rely on your line and they have seen for themselves the way their fishing has improved when using a line they can trust 100%. After all, confidence in your gear leads to confidence in your actions and a more enjoyable angling session.

The Terry Eustace Gold Label Pro Clear Line has been designed for use with fixed spool reels, although it can also be used with other reel types. There are two different breaking strains available. The 12lb line is ideal for your mid range work whereas the 16lb option is perfect for when you know you’re going to be dealing with huge and hard fighting fish. It is no surprise that this line has been taking the specimen and specialist fishing world by storm ever since it first emerged on the market.

As a brand that has been around for more the 15 years, Gold Label Tackle is committed to consistently delivering only the highest quality products to those anglers most dedicated to the art of the sport. Using only the best materials, Gold Label Tackle ensures that angler’s can rely on its products, time and time again.

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