Greys Prodigy Apex Rod

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Key Features

  • Toreon Nano Composite construction
  • 2K-1k high modulus woven carbon fibre blank
  • Crisp progressive action
  • Carbon Armour blank finish
  • Fuji DPS-18-reel seat
  • Full Japanese shrink wrap handle
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1406912 Length: 10ft, Test Curve: 3lb
1406916 Length: 12ft, Test Curve: 3lb, Butt Ring: 50mm
1406917 Length: 12ft, Test Curve: 3.25lb, Butt Ring: 50mm
1406918 Length: 12ft, Test Curve: 3.5lb, Butt Ring: 50mm
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1406914 Length: 12ft, Test Curve: 3lb
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1406913 Length: 12ft, Test Curve: 2.75lb
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1406919 Length: 13ft, Test Curve: 3.5lb, Butt Ring: 50mm
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1406915 Length: 12ft, Test Curve: 3.25lb
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Greys Prodigy Apex Rod, 

Often described as the ultimate Prodigy carp rod, the Apex has the name to back up the claim. This really is the ideal rod for the angler at the peak of their carp fishing game. Although it is similar to the original Greys Prodigy in styling, the rod benefits from a range of new, top end technologies, which really set it ahead of the rest. Firstly, you’ll notice that the redesigned rod blank has been built with a Toreon Nano composite material. Toreon Nano is Greys' unique rod building material, and ensures that your rod ticks all the boxes. Not only does this material provide you with a slim and lightweight blank, it also gives you an increased strength and finesse. This means  you can tackle a whole host of the nation’s biggest carp with confidence and agility. Not only is it powerful enough to punch out on the cast, but it will also provide you with incredible fish playing feel, too, ensuring that this rod is the ultimate all-round carp fishing tool.

The Greys Prodigy Apex boasts a unique rod action which has been designed with modern overhead casting styles in mind. Despite this casting method being the most popular with the modern carp angler, you’d be shocked at how few brands take this into account when designing their rod blank – leaving you with a choice of mid-performance rods which don’t allow you to achieve your maximum. The Prodigy Apex has been designed to ensure that it perfectly complements your casting style, ensuring that you can get the most out of your ability each time you head down to the water’s edge. The Toreon technology ensures that your tip recovery speed is ultra-fast, and this rod has a crisp and responsive feel – nothing short of that which you’d expect from a high-end carp rod – and it allows you to position your bait with inch-perfect accuracy on each and every cast. The classic, progressive Prodigy action ensures that lunging fish are cushioned, avoiding disastrous hook pulls, whilst still providing you with the kind of power and control that you’d require to land one of the UK’s biggest fish. It is a phenomenal fish playing tool, guiding fish away from dangerous snags,  and making it the ideal rod to use if you’re targeting waters with heavy weed.

This rod is finished and furnished to the very highest standards, ensuring that the Greys Prodigy Apex is the ultimate modern carp rod. The rod blank has a stunning carbon weave – with 2k carbon on the butt and 1k on the tip – and it boasts Greys’ durable Carbon Armour finish throughout. This not only improves lifelong strength and performance but  also ensures that this rod is exceptionally good looking, too. The rod has been ringed with Greys’ G-Lite guides. These have been designed to complement the crisp action of the rod and they feature an anti-frap tip ring. A Fuji DPS 18 reel seat has been designed to hold your carp reel in the perfect position throughout your time on the bank and is complemented by stealth black anodised collars. The Greys Prodigy Apex has a slim Japanese shrink wrap handle or unparalleled grip in all conditions, and it is finished with a smart, stainless steel butt cap. Finally, to complete the outfit, you’ll find a universal line clip supplied as standard.

There are eight rods in the Greys Prodigy Apex range. The range comprises six 12ft carp rods, which have test curves between 2.75lbs and 3.5lbs and are available with either 40mm or 50mm butts. These are designed for all your general carp fishing scenarios and they can be used across the discipline with confidence. You’ll also find a shorter, 10ft rod in the range. This has been designed to allow you to fish from tight swims or from a boat whilst still retaining full control over your rods and it has a 3lb test. Finally, the range also features the ultimate distance casting tool: a 13ft, 3.5lb, 50mm butt rod. 

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