Greys Prodigy TX Specialist Float Rod

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Key Features

  • High modulus carbon
  • SIC line guides
  • Progressive power action
  • Secure screw-down reel seat
  • Quality cork handle
  • Folding hook keeper ring
  • 10, 11 and 12ft rods are 2-piece for easy storage
  • Worldwide Extended Warranty
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GPTXSL005 Length: 11FT
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Greys Prodigy TX Specialist Float Rods, Greys Prodigy TX Specialist Float are lightweight and versatile rods offering crisp casting and striking power, but tempered with anti-lock fish playing action. 10ft, 11ft and 12 ft models are all two-piece allowing them to be stored tackled up. Greys Prodigy TX Specialist 10FT Float Rod: The 10ft Prodigy TX Specialist Float Rod is the ideal weapon for flicking out pellet wagglers on confined commercial fisheries, also being equally at home when prising river species like Chub from narrow or overgrown swims. The two section format allows this rod to be pre-tackled ready for instant action, while the shorter 10ft length helps to steer fish into the landing net a lot faster. Greys Prodigy TX Specialist 11FT Float Rod: This rod can comfortably handle reel lines from 2 to 8lb and casting floats with loadings up to 16g, plus the two-piece format allows you to store the rod pre-tackled - ready for instant action. Although primarily designed for fishing confined swims, the Prodigy TX 11ft Specialist is superb for taming big fish and handling all attacking float fishing methods. Greys Prodigy TX Specialist 12FT Float Rod: The 12ft Prodigy TX Specialist Float Rod is aimed at anglers who like a challenge, whether launching out big wagglers on commercials, or targeting specimen sized fish on smaller rivers and streams. Many two-piece rods struggle with bigger pellet wagglers and heavily loaded carp floats, but not this model! It has plenty of reserve backbone, along with a positive, super crisp casting action. The extra power also comes in handy on running water for bullying fish like chub and barbel away from snags. With reel line ratings of 3lb to 10lb, this versatile, attacking float rod is designed for amassing big catches and is very capable of taming specimen sized fish. It can be folded down tip-to-butt style and stored in suitable holdalls pre-tackled up, ready for fast assembly on the bank. Greys Prodigy TX Specialist 13FT Float Rod: The Greys Prodigy TX 13ft Specialist Float rod has been designed for targeting big fish and big catches. This rod is different from other models in its price bracket. It features lots of progressive power, but this has been combined with a carefully balanced anti-lock fish playing action. This has resulted in a rod with extremely positive casting backbone and an action that won't let you down when bossing specimen sized fish - on a wide range of line strengths. This lightweight but robust float rod can handle reel lines ranging from 3lb to 10lb, coupled with hook lengths of 2.5lb to 8lb. It boasts a full set of SIC line guides, a quality cork handle, a folding hook keeper ring and a secure screw down reel seat. Normally rods of this kind are branded as "Carp" or "Power" models, but this stepped up blank is more versatile than that! It can easily handle commercial Carp into double figures, big Tench and Bream from stillwaters, also hard fighting river species like Chub and Barbel. High modulus carbon floats rods of this quality are usually expensive, but Greys have achieved a very competitive price - without compromising on quality in any way!

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