Greys Xlerate Spod & Marker Hybrid Rod

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Key Features

  • 3M Powerlux 1000, nano resin carbon fibre construction
  • Advanced hybrid progressive power action
  • Lightweight 1k carbon weave throughout
  • Full Japanese shrink rubber handle
  • Carbon Armour blank finish
  • 100% carbon Fuji DPS18 hybrid reel seat
  • G-Lite XR DL Black Edition stainless/titanium hybrid ringing pattern
  • Supplied with Greys neoprene tip and butt protectors and EVA stopper
  • 50mm distance ring pattern with anti-frap tip ring
  • Laser engraved stainless steel butt cap
  • 12” and 24” depth markers
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Greys Xlerate Spod & Marker Hybrid Rod

The Greys Xlerate range of rods for carp fishing combines a collection of innovative rod technologies that aim to help you land more fish. With options including Full Shrink Wrap and Abbreviated, Cork, or Duplon handles, this collection’s rods for fishing are complimented by this Spod and Marker Hybrid Rod that comes with many of the same great features.

In the Greys Xlerate Spod and Marker Hybrid Rod, the supplest grade of 1k carbon fibre has been combined with Greys’s own resin recipes and made incredibly uniform in structure by the addition of 3m Powerlux 1000 nanoparticles. This technology introduces nano-scale spherical particles to the fabric of the blank, which nestle into and smooth all the gaps between individual carbon fibres. What marks out this rod as different in the wider Xlerate range is its stiff tip. The Xlerate carp rods are designed with a balance between power and fluent bending curves but the Spod and Marker Hybrid Rod is geared towards stiffness for distance and sensitivity.

An especially stiff tip faithfully translates the subtleties of bottom features and the transitions between different areas of the water’s bottom down the rod to your hand when using it as a marker rod. Depth markers of 12” and 24” on the blank let you easily reckon the amount of line required to get a marker float showing, and therefore the depth you’re fishing to. This stiff and sensitive tip transitions into a progressive release of power in the lower two thirds of the blank. This is necessary to be able to cast hard and far when mapping out and feeding a new swim with bait.

The hybrid nature of this rod means it’s great for casting spods and Spombs, too. This heavy terminal tackle holds payloads of bait and mixes that release miniature explosions of temptation that carpet your target area and attract bottom-feeding carp. It’s common for anglers to invest heavily in their main rod set-ups, only to neglect doing the same for the rods they use to mark and spod. This often means that they are unable to launch loaded spods out to the casting range they can achieve on their main rods. This is not the case with the Greys Xlerate Spod & Marker Hybrid Rod, which has all the power required for controlled carp fishing at long distances and is available in either 12ft or 13ft versions.

As with the rest of the Xlerate range, this hybrid spod and marker rod comes with a secure and weight-saving Fuji reel set made from carbon fibre and aluminium, a good-looking Carbon Armour rod finish, 50mm-wide G-Lite XR DL Black Edition corrosion-resistant guides with hard silicon carbide centres, an anti-frap terminal ring, and an engraved butt cap. You’ll also get neoprene butt and tip protectors, a shrink-wrapped rubber handle, and an EVA stopper. Make sure you know what lies ahead of you with the Greys Xlerate Spod & Marker Hybrid Rod and stay ahead of the same.

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