Guru X-Safe Method Feeder

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Key Features

  • All new design
  • X Safe elastic system prevents tethering
  • Hook bait platform
  • X Shape Solid Vented Arms
  • Weight forward loading
  • Interchangeable feeder system
  • Tail Rubber
  • Use in conjunction with the Guru X-Press Method Moulds
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GLMX Guru X - Safe Method Feeder, Weight: 28G
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GSMX36 Guru X - Safe Method Feeder, Weight: 36G
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GLMX45 Guru X - Safe Method Feeder, Weight: 45G
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GSMX Guru X - Safe Method Feeder, Weight: 24G
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The Guru X-Safe Method Feeder can be used with the Guru X-Press Method Moulds (which are sold separately) to help compact your bait mix of choice for a feeder application.

Commercial master and match angler; Steve Ringer helps Guru engineered this groundbreaking hook bait platform, which sits on the opposite side of the feeder to the main weight loading, ensuring that the hook bait sits on top of the feeder cast after cast.

The platform itself is positioned on X-shaped, (hence the X-Safe name) vented arms that are configured to minimize tangles and allow maximum grip, ensuring that your groundbait can be loaded easily onto the feeder.

Also, the unique X-Safe elastic system acts as a buffer during the fight with fish, helping to reduce hook pulls at the net. Should you lose a fish and leave it attached to the feeder, the elastic will simply pull free, allowing the fish to ditch the feeder. Thanks to this innovative design, it’s 100 per cent safe for the fish.  

The X-Safe Method feeders cut across testing crosswinds, like a dart, allowing you to consistently hit the spot, effortlessly building your swim. 

The colour of the frame helps blend into your underwater environment as it melts inconspicuously into most lake bed types. The Guru Method feeders are also available in four sizes; 24g, 28g, 36g and 45g.

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