Hinders Mini Combo 1.8kg

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Key Features

  • Mini Combo includes these key ingredients
  • Salmon Fry Crumb with its strong-smelling allure and 'nobbly' texture
  • Mini 1.5mm Pellets
  • Potent 2mm Red Fishmeal Pellets
  • 2.3mm Little Gemz
  • 3mm pellets

Tell Me About It

Designed to take the guess work out of creating an effective pellet mix, the Hinders Mini Combo gives you a blend of strongly scented, alluring salmon fry crumb, mini 1.5mm pellets, potent, 2mm red fishmeal pellets, 2.3mm Little Gemz pellets, and 3mm pellets.  The small pellet sizes create a confidence-building bait pile that fish will enjoy grubbing about in, making them more likely to take your hook bait.

Designed to offer visual and textual attraction, these Hinders pellets work well in PVA bags, or in spod and particle mixes, and give an effective bait option for all coarse fishing.

What Discipline Is It For?

Bringing you a dynamic selection of pellets, all of which are proven to attract, this is an effective all round bait that’s ideally suited for carp angling and coarse fishing.

Why Should I Buy It?

Creating your own pellet mix can be a bit hit and miss. With the Hinders Mini Combo mix, you can be sure your bait blend is spot on, and focus on your fishing, rather than worrying about whether you’ve made the right choice with your bait.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

The size of the pellets – small enough to encourage confidence-building grubbing, but large enough that they won’t fall through the mesh of your PVA bag, this pellet mix is perfectly tailored for coarse fishing and carp angling.


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