JRC Extreme TX 2 Man Bivvy

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Key Features

  • 20000mm HH Hydra-Tex material
  • High performance 2 rib structure
  • Optimal foot-print / inner space ratio
  • Peak system Zip-out front
  • 2-way door construction with 3 door options (clear, green, mozzy)
  • Long-life HD PVC groundsheet
  • Large vents protected by anti-leak storm baffles
  • High performance zips
  • Taped seams
  • Supplied in a heavy duty zip bag
  • Dimensions: W 300 x D 306 x H 160
  • Weight: 15.3kg

The JRC Extreme TX 2 Man Bivvy is a durable, rugged, versatile bivvy, which is ideally suited to anglers who regularly fish swims together, and want to save on the amount of equipment they take to the bank, and for match anglers competing on the Continent who need the space to store a range of equipment, tackle, bait, and clothing to cope with the variable conditions of foreign climates, the variable action of foreign waterways, and the variable temperament of foreign fish.  Of course, if you just like your space, there’s no reason not to buy this bivvy just for yourself and your British carp angling needs.

Featuring JRC’s unique Hydra-Tex material, which is a highly durable, breathable, and waterproof option designed to produce the best bivvies whilst keeping the prices reasonable and accessible to most anglers who are fully involved in their sport, this two-man bivvy has a 20,000mm hydrostatic head, so can cope with a vast array of weather systems, and even smaller storms.  If your angling regularly takes you overseas, you need the performance and reliability of this bivvy, which is designed and built to stand up to far worse weather than Britain typically offers.  With the ability to keep condensation to the absolute, bare minimum, this bivvy is the go-to option if you need to ensure that you, and your kit, stay completely dry, warm, and comfortable; nothing can kill your angling enthusiasm faster than getting out of a damp sleeping bag and taking off last night’s socks, only to find that this morning’s are soaked through thanks to condensation building up overnight.

Constructed on a two rib, dual break point structure system, this bivvy is extreme by name, and extreme by nature: however high the wind gets, you can rest assured your JRC bivvy will remain firmly anchored, providing you, your angling companion, and all your equipment, bait, tackle, and accessories with complete, reliable shelter and protection. Solid and stable, yet lightweight and compact, this is the only real option for the match angler who’s constantly travelling to new venues, and even new countries.

The entire front of the bivvy can be zipped off, creating a brolly style set up, while each of the side windows can be removed independently of the main door, which gives you optimum versatility, and the freedom to set up your bivvy to suit your swim and the weather conditions.

The door and windows all come with three infill options: Hydra-Tex green, clear PVC, or mozzie mesh.  If you’re fishing in the summer, and particularly in Scotland or in the Continent, you’ll want to go for the mozzie mesh infills.

Committed to their slogan of “expect more”, JRC are forging ahead in the minds of competitive anglers, building a solid reputation for quality products with reliable performance that offer everything the carp or competitive angler could need, wherever they’re fishing, and whatever they’re fishing for.

If you need a fully weatherproof, strong, stable, and versatile two man bivvy, you need the JRC Extreme TX 2 Man Bivvy.

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