Kodex CX-i Wireless Alarms x3 + Receiver + Case

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Key Features

  • Incorporating rolling code PRNG technology for easy alarm/receiver encryption
  • Soft-touch button press for fine adjustment of sensitivity, tone and volume
  • Night light facility built-in (no need for betalights)
  • Programmable LED indicator light - set to your choice from blue, green, purple, red, white or yellow
  • Easy on/off silence mode on alarm for when you're setting up
  • RoHS certified
  • Waterproof
  • Totally encapsulated electronics for protection from water and condensation ingress
  • Anti-slip soft touch TPE rod channel
  • Two optional screw-in machine turned snag bars supplied with each alarm
  • Subtle carbon effect fascia
  • Wireless range in excess of 100 metres
  • Receiver features vibration-only mode
  • Receiver features volume control
  • Alarm batteries: 9V (not included)
  • Receiver batteries: 3x AAA (not included)

Kodex CX-i Wireless Alarms x3 + Receiver + Case,

CX-i wireless alarms incorporate rolling code PRNG technology, making it easy to encrypt your alarms and receiver together. This full set of three alarms comes complete with a receiver and a protective case. The alarms feature soft-touch button press fine adjustment for sensitivity, tone and volume; an easy on/off silence mode for setting up; a programmable LED indicator light which can be set to your choice of colour from blue, green, purple, red, white or yellow; as well as an anti-slip soft-touch TPE rod channel. They are totally waterproof with encapsulated electronics for protection from water and condensation ingress. CX-i wireless alarms have a built-in LED night light facility with a choice of colours, so there's no need to use betalights when you're fishing at night. Each alarm comes with two optional screw-in machined turned snag bars. These RoHS certified alarms also look the part, with a subtle carbon effect fascia. The receiver has a wireless range in excess of 100 metres and features vibration- only mode and volume control. Each of the LED lights on the receiver is assigned to a different alarm head, and you can program the colours of these lights on the receiver to correspond with whichever colours you have chosen for the LED indicator lights on your alarm heads. So for example, you could set alarm 1 to flash red, alarm 2 to flash green, and alarm 3 to flash purple; then the colour of each light on the receiver can be set to match up to this. You could have any colour sequence you like - all purple, all green, red/green/blue, anything you can think of - which is a feature you would never normally find at this price point. The alarms require 9V batteries and the receiver requires 3x AAA batteries for long lasting use (not included). A fantastic set at an amazing price! Total Carp magazine have absolutely raved about the CX-i wireless alarms and it's easy to see why.

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