Korda Chod Safe

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Key Features

  • Holds up to 20 hook sections
  • 'Pop-out' handle design allows you steam sections
  • Achieve the perfect curve and doubles up as a compartment to hold the pins
  • Two sized sections allows storage of long and short sections
  • Additional section for 3 lead core leaders
  • Turned aluminium and anodised hook bars
  • Magnetic closures
  • Soft touch overmould

Korda Chod Safe

The avid carp angler will likely be aware of all the benefits of chod fishing. Chod rigs are some of the most effective ways of ensuring great bait presentation, particularly if you’re fishing over dense weed. These rigs allow you to get the perfect popped-up bait, ensuring that it sits beautifully on the weed. Unlike fishing a bottom bait over weed, you’ll never feel tempted to check your rig once cast – as you can be confident that it is presented perfectly – and you won’t ever have to worry about disturbing and spooking your carp. However, this is only the beginning when it comes to chod rigs. If you’re a mobile or roving angler who likes to keep on top of the fish at all times then chances are you’ll already be a huge fan of this quick and clinical way of fishing. Unlike fishing with bottom baits, you don’t have to feel restricted to only fishing pre-baited areas with a chod, enabling you to directly target your fish.

The whole team at Korda are huge fans of using chod rigs in their fishing, which is exactly why they have designed this unique Chod Safe. The Korda Chod Safe is manufactured from durable and robust plastic, with a pleasant soft touch overmould. This doesn’t only feel great but it also makes it easier to hold the safe, especially when your hands are cold and damp (as they so often are on the British bankside). With a magnetic closure system, you never have to worry about struggling with fiddly clasps. You also don’t have to worry about your Chod Safe coming undone in your luggage, either.

Like chod rigs themselves, this is only the beginning when it comes to the benefits of the Korda Chod Safe. The hooks themselves are stored on turned and anodised aluminium bars. This ensures that your hooks are every bit as sharp when you come to use them as they were when you first began constructing your chod rigs. Whilst most rig safes have been designed to be bone straight, the Chod Safe has actually been angled in order to ensure that you can achieve the perfect curve. The team at Korda has also engineered a unique ‘pop-up’ handle design. This allows you to steam your chod rigs into the perfect curve, without the risk of burning your hands! This is an innovative feature which really sets this Chod Safe apart from other products on the market.

The Korda Chod Safe has two different diameter sections. This allows you to set and store longer and shorter pre-tied chod rigs, ensuring that you have the choice available on the bank to pick the perfect rig to suit your needs. You can store excess of 20 rigs in the Korda Chod Safe, too, so you’ll never find yourself short of options on the bank. The safe also has room for up to three pre-tied leadcore leader, with Heli-Safe beads attached, too! Each safe comes with 30 pins, to secure your rigs into the foam- lined cylindrical storage sections.

As you can see, Korda is a brand which really is passionate about the chod rig. In fact, the brand is so passionate about the chod rig that we, here at Angling Direct, have created a page which is dedicated to Chod fishing Essentials here!! Korda was established in 1993 by the now legendary Danny Fairbrass and the brand is a carp fishing specialist, committed to designing and manufacturing top end carp tackle that really does prove its worth on the bank. Whether you’re a novice carp angler or you’ve been on the bank longer than you can remember, Korda is the brand for all your tackle needs.

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