Korda Textured Flat Pear Inline Lead

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Key Features

  • Ideal design for hard bottoms
  • Short condensed shape
  • Two flat sides
  • Perfect for bolt rigs at short to medium range
  • Holds well on the lake bed &offers much resistance to a moving carp
  • Textured camouflage coating
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Korda is synonymous with the new era of carp fishing. Since the brand's conception in 1993, Korda has been an innovator in carp fishing, setting new industry standards with each product launch. Korda Tackle now being one of the top names in British carp fishing, and it follows its strict ethos that every product it produces must have a practical application on the bank.

This Korda Textured Flat Pear Inline Lead is an ideal design for hard bottoms. Its short condensed shape means offers much resistance to a moving carp. It is the perfect lead for bolt rigs at short to medium range.

It is a popular misconception that 'Flat leads sit on silt'. In fact, this does not happen as any lead finds its easiest path through the water so instead of fluttering down to the lake bed, a nose-heavy flat lead like this one from Korda will plummet downside on and nose-first.

The two flat sides are finished with textured camouflage coating and the pear shape design means it has marginal slopes. This is one of the most effective shapes at short to medium range fishing because it holds so well on the lake bed.

The textured finish will pick up sediment from the lake bed, adding to the overall subtle effect. In fact, these leads get better and better with use! The characteristics that allow the leads to take on sediment will also allow the leads to absorb flavours, glugs or dips. Leaving a few leads to soak in Goo is sure to add an extra dimension of attraction.

The textured coating is a matt, so it simply won’t reflect light in the same way as a conventionally coated lead, remaining inconspicuous to carp. The coating of the lead is also camouflaged to decrease visibility when under the surface.

Available in a range of weights, choose from 2oz, 2.5oz, 3oz and 3.5oz.

For a lead that gives you an advantage in the water, consider Korda.

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