Korum 50inch Graphite Brolly Shelter

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Key Features

  • 50-inch frame
  • Sides for extra coverage
  • Extra strong graphite frame
  • 210D PU cover with taped seams
  • Fabric around brolly points reinforced to stop wear
  • Weight: 3.5kg
  • Height from ground: 140cm
  • Width: 210cm
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Day sessions; you’d never believe how complicated getting out for just a few hours’ angling can be. Weather forecasts might involve a lot of clever technology these days, but they rarely seem to be accurate when you need to know what’s on the cards for the entire day. You’d think a quiet few hours at the bank would involve nothing more than packing a smallish rucksack, making sure you’ve got your tackle box and sandwiches, grabbing your rods, and heading off.

Once you get out to the bank, however, the same skies that have been a fixed shade of light grey for the two hours you’ve been up and getting ready suddenly become capricious concepts, shifting and dancing through shades of elemental possibility, and giving you significant pause to wonder whether you’re going to have to finish your session earlier than planned because the weather turns.

The Korum 50” Graphite Brolly Shelter is the perfect solution to this common problem.  With a graphite frame creating a strong yet lightweight load, you can easily get this brolly from boot to bank. With extended sides for extra cover, and reinforced pegging points, this 140cm x 210cm brolly comes with taped seams to keep wind and rain out, and offers plenty of space inside.  3.5kg is an easy to handle size, making the Graphite brolly the perfect choice when you want a kit you can pack in the car and carry down to your swim when you arrive.

Once you’re at the water’s edge, getting the Korum Graphite set up and ready to settle into couldn’t be easier, with the simplicity of putting up a tilted brolly, in a design that gives you all the space and protection of an oval front.  Well made, with plenty of room, the Korum Graphite gives you everything you need, however changeable the weather turns out to be. Giving you all day shelter against all the elements you’re likely to encounter on an average day’s fishing on British banks, this brolly is definitely worth investing in, and keeping ready to go for all your angling, from long days to short overnights.

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